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So what are the unintended or the unexpected consequences for mind reading technology? Guys think about this way from the various government. It's a dream come true. They can know who's for against them. Who's going to vote this way or that way? It's a disaster. It's a disaster for democracy. It's a disaster for, you know, just humanity, right? Imagine If we had no privacy, and at the same time is real. No, we really can't control our minds. We think about a lot of things every minute every second every day. So imagine if all those thoughts Were fed into a system that could both manipulate and control but also eliminate, eliminate eradicate. I mean, this is this is really bad. Okay, Okay. I got a question for you. Then correlation to that. And that is Can they inject ideas once they get it perfected? They already do. It's already perfected. You know, you may want to check out this great documentary film called Social Dilemma that interviews former Facebook engineers, Rangers Twitter guys. I mean, they're already doing this. Listen, remember what we talked about that you know the reporter who discovered this 1,200,000 pages of data. They take all that Then they put into it. You know, it's it's all computer right now. They know exactly how he's taking an exactly how to manipulate his thoughts on Facebook, By the way, not only all right, but wherever he is on the Web, mark, we're up against the final break here. Here's what you do. Go and just download the APP. Is that correct? You download the app nearly network me. We have a great time. Listen, I love social media. I love great communication. Check me. We embraced that right, Bryce your freedom and go. Goals. Mark Mark Weinstein, CEO and founder of Me, we Thank you so much. One of the most important interviews we've had ever on this show. Appreciate you. Thank you for your gift. All right. We'll talk to you soon. Bye. All right, Ladies. Gentlemen,.

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