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We're back golf channels analysts Brandel Chamblee. He's at Augusta National is part of the golf channel's wall-to-wall coverage. And they do a great job folks covering you can talk. They they'll talk at all night the talk in the morning, they talk at all great job. If you like this stuff, and you want to talk about it. They do a great job. And there's a couple of guys worthless. Into one of them's Brennan, simply because he's got a lot of interesting things to say, and it's not just wrote nonsense. It's like it takes opinions. He has opinions and has a lot of interesting stuff, and he joins us now. Brenda welcome. How are you? I'm great. Thanks nice to talk a little golf with you. I can my pleasure now you made a really fascinating point yesterday. And I'll get to what's going on today with Francesco 'cause I got a lot of respect for him. And he's amazing player. The idea of the great robotic player like Dustin Johnson rom at this stage even kept little bit versus the autistic player who has to come out at Augusta the scramble like seventy years ago. Like Phil does so well and how those guys even at us. The Johnson has to be able to handle those couple of moments. Otherwise, the you know, you wind up with a triple bogey on this cost. That's a thought that's a fascinating point. And I don't think people pay attention to that part of Augusta. Well, there's two basic type of players have won at Augusta those bland of the two that would be Tiger Woods. But basically, it's tactician like HOGAN Nicklaus may very few mistakes. And we're in such complete control that nobody could compete with him. But then there's the scrambler the time watching this everybody, stares Nicholson, Jose, Maria Szabo and Tiger Woods that type of player. You need to have elements of both because Augusta National is. It's it's a it's a course it's about angles. And it's a course that that makes you suffer. When you make a core shot, you have to be able to recover and the point. I was making was in reference to the fact that the last twenty two years combined the winters have only had combined for double bogeys may make a double bogey. It's not so much the arithmetic of the double bogey which obviously set you back to shots. It's what it says about your game that week and your decision making. If you get on the wrong side, obviously if you're in if you're completely out of position. Well, it says something about your your skill that week. It says something about your decision making. And if you can't recover it says a lot about your nerves. The thing about Dustin Johnson is he he is, you know, arguably the most counted player in the world. But when he comes to Augusta National he's used to beating golf courses up, and he hasn't been able to escape a week without two sometimes three really big mistakes. He's made an eight trips sixteen double bogeys, triple bogey. You know, these are just too big of the stakes because the eventually the winner is the guy who. Yeah, he's bowled. But he's got great nerve. And he doesn't make those big mistakes. Yeah. Great point and Johnson who just overpowers the five. I mean, it's just unbelievably just went to six on their day is now seven on the Molinari seven-under and Molinari is a guy that America doesn't pay enough attention to because he is a known that we've seen him win last year the open we've seen him win this year when he posted that sixty four in the last thing in one at Bay Hill. He we don't see that much. But he is as steady as a rock. I could see him being very tough on the front of a tournament. Yeah. He's a player is completely remade himself. He was always a very good ball striker in a poor putter. It was never what I'd say. An elite ball striker. He's become an elite ball striker and one of the better putters, and he. Put those two together. Okay. Now, the hidden completely different player. You've taken your game to a unimaginable level. I mean, that's what every player dreams of being. I was very curious to watch concepts co- come in this week. I said it nearly run-up coverage because he comes in here for the first time ever a threat on the greens. And the combination of his ability workers way around a golf course and hit hot fades off draw lives. That's very important at Augusta National. It's it's formidable. So I am on a little bit surprised that he's at the top of the leaderboard right now. But not not hugely. So he has done such a great job today of being on the right side of the fairway to a left hand. And then on the left side of the fairway to a right pain. And then keeping it underneath that cat. He did a beautiful job of that today. I'm going to talk about it tonight and our show I'll use examples Palley kept himself that needs the whole. So he could be aggressive on his putts. He's gonna be great great fun to watch. He couldn't be any more different than Jay. Jason day who's a top. Again in Princess co. You have tactician Jason day. You have a scrambler. And he's he's maybe the best grammar over the last five good around agreeing. You don't love him. You don't love him the green. But you love them around the green, right? No. That's right. He he's one of the very p players that could could have an off week with his irons and still contended Augusta because he's just a magician. He's seventy ask around the greens. And I tell you he is red hot right now. And this is going to be unbelievable because. For some reason guys who lead all great the second day. And today, I was worried about KEPCO because it's funny. I heard you talking about kept currently in the week who hadn't played a lot. I watched them. I watched it at the Honda where he was almost in the playground Mitchell. One at the last minute hit the hit the fifteen foot putt. And they didn't have the playoff with him in Fowler. He's been a great player in the in the majors the last couple of years. And then there was this whole thing about his weight. And then yesterday, he looked dominant. I mean, he was scary yesterday. He did he looks fabulous yesterday. Just you know on the whole I I've looked at his results here. He's trended in the right direction. What I found shocking to me was that he had lost all this weight in preparation for the ESPN. What all it's it's an athletic shoot. I mean, I think they're all naked when they. Yeah. Yeah. He's lost all this weight for that. And as he did the nuance of his game, slightly deteriorated. He was nowhere near as good around the greens. And he's nowhere near as good lag. Putty. I felt like that was pretty reckless. And I thought through the week it would show up. Look he played brilliantly yesterday. But today he's missed number of shots to left. It's three potted a couple of times and has a result. He's no longer on top of the leaderboard. I mean, certainly still in a very good position. But but he's made a few big mistakes today. You know, everybody raved. And I'm not the biggest worry guy. Okay. Everyone raved about Rory all week on the golf channel. And I understand why the way he's played this year. But I keep thinking to myself. Hey until I see Rory come here. And putt these greens would confidence I'm not buying. And then yesterday, I watched him where he against so many times couldn't make that six foot or couldn't make that seven footer. And then today I see him right now. He's all he's over for the he's plus one for the day today. He's plus two for the tournament. He sent right on the cut line. And you know, everybody expected so much. What are you seeing from Rory right now? Well, you know last year everybody remembers to shots from ROY. Really? They remember the drive on one on Sunday. And then remember the puppet he missed the point the show. And so from that they just assume that he putted poorly only one player in the field last year put it better than Rory McElroy. And that was Patrick read only one Patrick Reid had an unprecedented unprecedent week on the greens last year. I mean, maybe nobody's ever put it bet. Well, so that's how well ROY putted these screens last year, and he is this year putting better than he's ever played in his life yesterday. I think if if I were if I think ROY was sitting next to me, I think yesterday was more about what was going on between his ears than anything else. I think the the pressure of trying to complete the career grand slam the build up to it. None of the five previous players who completed a career grand slam would have had. I mean, they would have had virtually no pressure. I have gone back. And I've looked at all the press clippings of all their run up to the major championships where they completed the career. Grand slam. Neri? A word was written about them trying to complete a career grand slam. Nothing nothing. Even Jack Nicklaus said it wasn't even a thought nobody talked to them about. And there is nobody that doesn't talk about this with Rory. It's all over social media every time he walks into a media room. It's the first second or third question. He gets. So I do believe that it's it's a bit of a hurdle that he's going to have to figure out how to get over interesting. I and obviously he's got a hurdle now in this time right now with we sitting was only brainless generally as we get ready. People driving home getting ready for the weekend. You got. You always have a stack leaderboard at Augusta that we know that. So you gotta stack leaderboard got basically a who's who from rom at five to Mickelson at five to six to Johnson at six days seven Molinari area seven you can go back to two and three. And you got Tiger Woods, and we can go down the line how how many strokes? I mean, minus two minus one how far back do you think you can be right now and still win this tournament? Can you be even Paul right now done? History says after the second round the last twenty two years the eventual winner was in third place after the second round well third place. So Augusta National very quickly eliminates those that have no chance I mean, I guess the national ask a very specific set of skills. The accomplished you have to be able to work the ball right left off the tee and you have to be able to hit high cuts off hook lies. If you can't do that. You really don't have any chance, and that's what mall and Oregon. Do. That's what John Ron can do. I'm curious to watch Dustin Johnson. You know, I again, I mean it which prize nobody if he won. No. But I'm you know, again, he has that beautiful high caught up a lot and he has that beautiful state, but he doesn't quite have the draw. So he has to take a different tack on say the thirteenth the thirteenth today. He tried to take it over the trees clattered around in the trees. You know, and and the same thing with Brooks kept they have to they have to risk a little danger because they're not easily able to go to the draw and sweep it around the corner. They have to challenge the corner. So they can do it's only the links, but I'll be curious. I mean, the the courses so well designed it asked fluidity all the way through the bag to play well here, let me get the two guys. Both fascinating stories one. Of course is the obligatory tiger just got his gotten to read for the day on six. So he's one on there. He's three on the for the tournament whereas Tigers game. And where do you see him right now sitting four strokes off the lead?.

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