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This system? Not rich people. You see? Rich people, and this is where we go wrong in this country. You're not rich If you measure your worth. On a paycheck. Warren Buffett doesn't get a paycheck per se or not much of one Warren Buffett has capital. Wealthy people have capital. They can move that capital which is typically very liquid unless it's in real estate, But they generally have enough of their assets that are liquid that they can move him around. So if we shut this country down, they just moved him to a country. It doesn't But you know who hurts, you know who suffers People who lose their jobs. Oh, but we're going to solve that. We're going to send you a P P p If you qualify. No. If you're one of those people that doesn't get a paycheck. Per se because you live in the gig economy. Well, you'll suffer and won't qualify. But that's okay because we're slowing the spread. Except we're really not. That's not what's happening at all. We're playing a game. The vaccine is the next phase of that game. And you know who else doesn't suffer? All these people locking you down. None of them suffer. What if we had no lockdowns? And no masks. Just allow yourself the freedom for 30 seconds to imagine. How bad do you think it would be? You think we'd all die? Most of us would die. Some of us would die. Few of us would die. How many people would have to die? For you to say now I can't allow that We must destroy the economy. How many people Why don't we have that conversation? It's nothing to have the conversation about lockdowns. And if you're going to hear from our next guest, those lockdowns are creating misery. Joblessness. We've lost Children from the school system that we don't know where they've gone. The poorest of Children among us We don't know if they're eating. Does they eat it school? I'm not getting speech therapy. They're growing older. They're missing out on engagement with the outside world and their home. Life's not good. We know that's happening. We've made the decision will will allow that to happen. You know, economists will tell you that the biggest aspect in decision making to consider that never is, is opportunity costs. Were supposedly slowing the spread with all these lockdowns. But you know what? We don't calculate. How many people are going to commit suicide? How many people are gonna o D. How many people are going to be abused? Many crimes are gonna be committed. We've had a murder spike in Houston and our make our mayor instead of.

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