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That's incredible what do you know about the chevy chase bill murray fight at this position i know in ja just from those few articles and like following a little bit apparently chevy chase left snl in the middle of the second season because he really really wanted to marry lady who didn't wanna move to new york and so he said okay between that and me being probably someone who has opera tunities in la i'll go to la and do that sort of breakout star kind of the first season he was the handsome so you look at him and andy sandberg you should be movies yeah absolutely he a little bit invented weekend update which that makes you a big deal in american comedy you know but so he laughed and then they for some reason treated it like a sports team or something where they only have a limited amount of slots and so that open slot on the roster was filled by bill murray who initially apparently did not succeed with audiences on us anelle that from the start like they did some kind of sketch where he just speaks direct to camera and asks the audience to give them a shot because they're not giving him a shot initially and then from there i guess it grew into some kind of weird rivalry a little bit and so they tried to keep them apart on sata's much as they could but then also there was some kind of studio note about wanting them in a scene together so then you get the really borderline harrowing scene in carl's weird garage apartment where he smokes up chevy chase and they're both very lost people yeah i heard that would chevy chase came back to star night live to be a guest on it he told bill murray that his face looked like something neil armstrong head landed on then i think physically got into a fight with him i think they got into a physical fight it went bill murray said about it afterwards was that he felt like the show had made him the avenging angel where he was opposed to punish chevy chase for him leaving even though he was the person who had probably been affected the best buy it he got this job but that he was supposed to almost be the.

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