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Trade it looks very conflicted. Like, yeah. I'm on your side. Maybe I'll say looking guys doing his best as a trainer the one mantle. You don't want is a neighbor the boxing trainer, you have another doughnut shape. You don't need to practice. Clock. Call you could be pulled on Yeah. in. Kind of mean to be the guy. Trainer reality. If you have one eight out of eleven rounds, and you're going out for the twelfth round the trainer guy kind of has to go. You got to win this round not coast where we're fine. So he's got a little conflicted because the guy through eight punches around. Sorry. That's a computer that got that. By the way, I will rewind it a little note. I want to thank the whole who came out here, y'all. Y'all did this. No hold on time. Clans? Short for neighborhood neighborhood came. Yes, Chris, you gotta rewind at twenty seconds say how would we know? Well, that's why I'm here. I'm a fight. Thank you. Okay. Yeah. So he's not he's not sucking up to the clan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Section with a bunch of hoods on. Yeah. Yeah. But he was areas. That you had into round. And it seemed as though you couldn't get it already sounded like he was against me. So So how? how? Ain't gotta take talking you. But let me talk some let me let no I want to thank the whole who who came out here y'all did this who beat that beat that. Boy, they trying to what they trying to do with trying to get that money again with Packy, our employees. But this who I weren't about it. I'm still at nigga minimal top Cincinnati stand up west side, you're three three one in your last seven fights. Cincinnati's proud by one my last seven, but I'll be seven no against you wouldn't mean much. That's the end of this interview to you in a future. He got him. I'll say that much got him at the of Zing. He won shots. I tell you what the he one that. He won that interview in one you You guys. guys. There's no more five hundred than three three and one two and to not close to three three in one terms of playing five five five hundred ball, the one even makes it even even more poignant in the Boyer, you five hundred veiled threat against veiled, pretty seven. August, you boy awesome. So evidently wasn't much of a fight. But also. It is you got internalize a little bit more the boxer because. It's also I mean blaming guys for reporting what they saw enough. Everyone's you would like your kids not to do at Adrian broder justed or maybe not fight at all. How about how about that? Right. You go with that though. Like, how long are you in denial and the people that are around? Let him be how long right like, bro, the stats are there you through eight punches or don't we have a we have a new leader in the clubhouse for oldest combined age fist. It's pretty up there already. We're like one fifty five one fifty six or something. This is the age of the two people in the fight Jo Koy combined, obviously still getting it on, you know, at fifty you know, in seventy five seventy eight years old you've ever one fifty. That's that's an old fight. Yeah. Right. What is the new? What is the new number mex- patta? The numbers one hundred seventy five. That's all that's like an eighty nine eighty six was it had exactly eighty nine woman someone's age. I know shocking Florida Florida woman eighty six accused of beating her husband eighty nine to death with a cane. Wow, that's unmistakable one of those fun old timey vaudevillian style. Ones the ones where shuffled buffalo. You can cannot do any damage with those am I right or my writing? Are coming weapons back. There were affect Asian like they banned lean on gentlemen. Pop. Your your your top hat on it or something could pull flowers out of the flowers of pop up now like aluminum, and they're collapsing stock bump stock never they on turning into weapons. Yeah. Essentially, so evidently, and that's a real fight if somebody ended up dead. Well, that's yeah. That's that's that wasn't just the two guys fighting over the cheese at the Costco..

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