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The great state of alabama holds a united states senate race one week from tonight this is the democratic candidate in that race speaking today doug jones it is crystal clear that these women are telling the truth and roy more is not this is about decency and not a political party and anyone who thinks otherwise should be ashamed add dam sure believe that i have done my part to ensure that men who hurt little girls should go to jail and not the united states and as doug jones the democrat running for us senate in alabama the man he is facing is roy more cells of the man he was referencing in those last remarks warned more appeared at events and night in fair hope alabama with former white house strategist steve bannon this is going to be decided by the good men and women in alabama next week but the whole nation and the entire world is watching we've got six days left and the people and the people of alabama are going to speak to the people in washington dc they don't want me up there i know that they don't want somebody up there with an independent mind somebody that will do what they believe is why under the constitution where do they want someone who makes them answer questions about fourteen year olds for the entire time that you're in the united states senate joining us now from tonight's rally which just wrapped up and fair hope alabama as john archibald he's a columnist for the birmingham news the nailcom mr archibald it's great to have you with us than i thank you for your time.

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