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In this episode. I'm joined by Paul knows. Here's a photographer of some fifteen years and Valencia guide. He's originally from the Green Valleys of Wales in the UK but has been calling Valencia. His home with his young family for the last four years. Paul knows Valencia intimately. He's a walking tour guide. He runs his own private tools. Cord Streets Valencia. Old Town tall and coming up. We're going to be doing a virtual walking tour of Valencia with Paul who will be guiding us around the center of the city taking in all of the most important science that we should see on a visit to Valencia. I'm going to be sharing with us. A little splash of history. Valencia the Roman Time Valencia. Which means Vega? Yeah I think we get the wood volume from it. So Valencia is actually the city of the brave as as it translates to modern day. It was tonight crop of the Roman Empire. I like to think of it as a Roman retirement home. And of course we'RE GONNA be talking food and drink and no Po- cast about Valencia would be complete without talking about Pie. Original Valenciana comes from Alba Faira Lake though the region of Alberta Lake about twelve fifteen of the city and it was a lunchtime meal you know for laborers and farmers and they would. They would put rice in the pan on a wooden on wooden fire and throw in whatever they had which wasn't much time soon be tomatoes. Onions snails a duck. They would throw a bit abducted night. They could catch one and wall. Meets was also one of the main ingredients. Put a bit of Walter Vol- in that and stay tuned to the end of the podcast as we'll also be talking about one of Spain's most famous Ferry Aso festivals called last Fayas Pyrotechnic Feast of fireworks explosions an amazing assault on the senses. Which takes place actually at this time of year. Sadly because of the situation with Coronavirus It's been canceled. But we'll be talking about last fires the history behind what to expect. And why you should put it on your list of Spanish. Ferrier's each it'll street in the central blends has a fire which is kind of like a social club which people paid money into during the year and this money goes to build these incredible Din Yossi sculptures which constructed in every street around the city. I think is about six hundred fifty different sculptures all around the city and then on the final day on the they have the Chroma Lacrima and they set fire to all of the sculptures at the same time so the whole city is basically on fire..

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