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This is on point. I Magnin trucker bardy well, just last night, the New Yorker published a second set of allegations against judge Brett Kavanagh. Deborah Ramirez, alleges in the New Yorker article that cavenaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken party at Yale, a claim that Cavanaugh unequivocally denies, meanwhile professor, Christine Blasi. Ford was set to testify before the Senate Judiciary committee on Thursday that's after considerable back and forth between her lawyer and the committee, but maybe things are a little uncertain now that the ranking democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein has called for hearings to be postponed, which brings us to the question one of many, but this one specifically, how much has the Senate Judiciary committee changed how it operates since the last time sexual misconduct allegations were levied against a supreme court. Nominee. That of course was nineteen Ninety-one when Anita hill testified against Clarence Thomas. Well, investigative journalist Florence graves, followed the hill. Thomas hearings cl-. Closely and in nineteen ninety four, the Washington Post published graves as groundbreaking reporting on Angelo, right. She was a woman who would have testified against Thomas and corroborated Anita hill testimony, but Angela, right, never appeared before the committee. That's one of many investigative stories that Florence graves has reported over the years. Another one back in nineteen Ninety-two her investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against then Oregon Senator Bob Packwood that marked the first time. A woman went on the record with such allegations against the Senator and the first time the Senate ethics committee investigated sexual misconduct claims and Florence graves is now the founding director of the Schuster institute for investigative journalism at Brandeis university, and she joins us in the studio welcomes on point. Thank you so much. What are your questions for a longtime investigative reporter who's followed issues of sexual misconduct allegations in government? All the way from Bob Packwood pie Packwood too. Today with judge Brett cavenaugh. What's your question for how the Senate Judiciary committee is handling this moment. Okay, foreign. So there's a lot to gain here with you, but I just give me your top line when you see today the how the judiciary committee is handling this moment. We may have testimony on Thursday, but Senator Feinstein has called for it to be postponed. Don't know what's going to happen there. I mean, what is it that you're seeing? I'm seeing a repeat of the nineteen Ninety-one hearings a variation on it on those hearings. And that is that the senators and the and the need hill Clarence Thomas hearings didn't really know want to know the truth are they would have made sure that Angela right testified after he was rushed to be confirmed. It was a rush for for him to be confirmed. Angela Wright was not. It was in Washington standing by waiting for two days to be for her testimony. She had corroborates lined up. They were. Waiting. And there was this little sleight of hand that ended up with some senators saying in typical Washington fashion. This is what they said to me Senator both Senator Biden, Joe Biden who was chair of the Senate ethics committee. I mean, Senator Senate Judiciary committee and his Co. heart on the Republican side, the Senator from a Blanket blanket. out Simpson? Yeah. Okay. They said Angela, right? Didn't testify because she didn't want to testify. Okay. Hang on here for a second floor because for people who don't remember this, this history, Angelo ri- explain explain to us whom Angela Wright was because I think a lot of people didn't even know that she was waiting in a hotel room for several days to to appear before the judiciary committee on the Thomas hearings was never called to who was she. She was a woman who also worked for Clarence Thomas at the EEOC and who had similar experiences to Anita hill. She did not voluntarily come forward. Someone leaked her name to the Senate Judiciary committee. They subpoenaed her. She was in North Carolina as as a reporter and subpoenaed her and her. And she came to Washington in a ho- sat in a hotel. She said that Clarence Thomas when she worked for him. She, she, she, she has a different demeanor. I call her. She's fire to Angela to Anita, Hill's ice. You know what I mean? So she had a very, she said that while she didn't think she didn't consider it sexual harassment..

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