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On more. For more information, go to Rafeh CC. And everyone. It's day with one of my probably one of my best mate. So I've known not that long. But yeah, twelve years is a long time. Timorous you'll of your no in innovative him. A lot of year might not have as lives in Belgium, an old professional don't really put his face in the media much. So yeah. Tim used to be national champion nine thousand nine hundred nine year. I was born. My sister. Oh, by the way, Tim's own language, and it's called Dorgan's. And it's basically a mix of Portuguese English, Norfolk and Belgium. So if you hear fodder me or anything like it's a bit line off may or. Means gray or you star or something like that. If hear me, and Tim say all father may or anything like that. It's it's not swear. And it just means either bad or good or. Really good. So tomorrow national champion nineteen Eighty-nine Tim, you're in a lot of no other. I don't even know really all the teams in. But. Yeah. Talk through your career when you start really in them building up to national champ KIA tempo in September four team code our snacks. Season after hours in our VP vitelle also. Dutch team and the next two seasons INC in Britain and the next year after that rally banana and won national championships are really been honor then signed for Pasadena in Spain. And after that one couple of stages in the tour of the garden in Portugal and saw Sean for Portuguese teams for three seasons. And then for the last four seasons.

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