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Put another head on okay now you're a gmo the team was some assets in sam calls you do pick up the phone i always pick up the phone okay you always pick up the phone but would you listen i definitely would listen i would listen but i i would not i mean it would have to be manned you'd have to be a certain situation because that's basically when you say why would i trade for a guy who's expire right that's the question now he's going to leave anyway he's already made up his mind that he's going to la like we can say that but nobody's really made up their mind until july one right and so if you're a team you're basically rolling the dice at say he's going to come over here he's going to experience our culture he's gonna love it so much that he's not gonna want to lead you know who knows what i do it new orleans what could they give up bogey no no no no like that without army not i try i'd i try to make a move to try to get him boogie in and try to sell them on playing together longterm who's this paul george now if you're a lakers do try to make that trade if you the lakers for agassi fewer lakers it's it's delight of that because i think it's here now here's here's another gm question you could ask is easy is easy to resign him if he's already with you yes in i i think if paul goes to the lakers if he gets traded to the lakers i find it very hard to believe that he will take off somewhere a flip side of that though is the carmelo anthony original trade to new york because that was the end when senate's eta you gave up mas gov you gave up gallinari you gave up wilson chandler you gave up raymond felton and all these guys are playing really well for you you could add all those guys which again carmelo to give up brandon ingram for another way cools miss playing right so so but in the question becomes do what i do i risk wait until july and say he gonna come anyway i don't have to give any.

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