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I said the us open open his prestigious not so much that he even knew it was house like wise on long island shinnecock come on man so golfer will zella taurus i know that name them a bird pooped on them so he's gonna win the event as i i heard a lot of the big stars jack of everything that happened yesterday utah because i did see that a lot of the big name players who you have heard of had a rough rounds rory mcilroy shot eighty is this good or bad not good and you know that not good don't be so stupid come on would you rather shoot eighty or have a bird poop on you while you were golf check that i never heard jerry he's dominating shinnecock as you say they say if a bird poops on you it's good luck i said he's going to go on to win the tournament now rewind that's one of those things like oh yes if it rains any wedding day oh the yanks should win the two thousand one weeks crap total crap i once had a seagull poop on me on the jersey boardwalk about two summers ago that workout right on my bald head it's all well you know what though it's better than if you had hair though 'cause then at least wipe it right right he got a napkin arrived at all down the ocean city new jersey last summer and there are so many seagulls just let loose bombing crowded boardwalks it's interesting to watch like people go worse berge trying to avoid not stealing your french fries those segel's the drop a deuce is all over the place.

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