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Partly cloudy the temperature is 77 degrees. Partly cloudy and cool tonight partly sunny and warmer Tomorrow. I'm Stanley here. Here's what's trending at 502 You've been hearing about people testing positive for Corona virus in schools. But how many positive test would it take for a school to go virtual or shut down John Herrick reports on the thoughts of state Superintendent Jennifer McCormick In a Thursday morning virtual news conference, McCormick said many schools have already planned ahead in that regard. Some of our district's have those now as far as levels of cases. And what happens if those trigger holds not everybody has those. But she says it's up to the local superintendents. To make that call, she says. It's paramount that every school district pay attention to the Corona virus numbers in their area, put in the proper protocols and then be transparent. Sean Herrick, 93 WNBC Mobile knew another 1051 Hoosiers have tested positive for the virus a single day high. Now. In all, 71,000 people have contracted the virus in Indiana. A speeding car weaving in and out of traffic on I 69 got off the interstate onto a busy street in Bloomington Wednesday. Chris Davis reports state troopers were in hot pursuit when Trooper Alan Diehl spotted the car at about 5 30 Wednesday afternoon. It was already going over 100 miles per hour. When Alan hit the lights, the car sped up to 1 40 How often Do state troopers encounter somebody that speeds away at upto one Ford. Not often course, Chris. When you get up into those three digit numbers on speed it make the game a little bit different. Sergeant Kurt Journal. The trooper stopped the chase for safety when they exited into Bloomington, a man and a woman from Clarksville, Tennessee, surrendered when the car was spotted later. In addition to the chase, they face drug charges. Chris Davis 93 w I B C Mobile news. Expressing displeasure with Indianapolis police who shot and killed Rayshawn read after a chase in early May, raid supporters marched in protest around in these monuments circle this afternoon. You are one minute away.

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