Cory Booker, President Trump, Daddy discussed on Laura Ingraham


Cory Booker was on his game but does he have a record to back up his quips beat up on Biden wall subtly criticizing president Obama that's the title of debate to night too and much to my surprise the former VP the pretty fine under fire although there was some flubs we'll talk about the winners and losers from both nights so I will be missed last night less at the rate he's with Daddy got about an eight on CNN in night one night too I imagine the ratings will be a little bit of the bigger names it by now in the middle you it tells the gabber there was quite interesting Cory Booker and Kamel Harris Harris got hammered she had no winters when told to get everyone after gabber looks good I just hate or foreign policy despise it I respect your service don't like the where he stands on issues I mean Tucker Carlson loves aware she sends an issue so I'll back up my thoughts and we'll go over that then tweeted Bowman's Booker to bind about your do you have the cool aid comment Gabbard criticizing Harris you're about to hear that our criminal justice and jeweler Brent saying to a question about the new green deal something obviously pre fabricated the first thing I'm going to do what I mean president is gonna Clorox the oval office I get it how two thousand of you so here's a look at some of the highlights of night to other second debated the twenty twenty democratic debate now this twenty on stage over the last two nights they'll be a lot less in September got one bills that the president that the screws me the future present here grateful.

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