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Oh yeah yeah so. It's a lot like comedy. It really is like you know i know what i'm doing and i'm pretty good at it and still no nothing. Yeah you know. It's it's very similar to that and you fail in. There's always like and now i'm of like in this rut where i'm i've been making i. I wanted to just dial it. In and know that i had this consistent kick ass recipe but then then you start to crave like well. I'm getting kind of lazy. Like i should be expanding and doing other things and trying different flavors and stuff so nuns were. I'm kind of headed next. I love those. Like the german breads. That are super dense sees. It's like more seed than bread. I actually during the pandemic like when you were just fantasizing lockdown of like. Where am i going to go in. this is over. I just kept looking at all of those like the netherlands and copenhagen and looking. I'm like i'm gonna bread tour and just hunt the darkest coolest breads in these great clean cities. I just something about that really attracted. Well i just. I just found out yesterday that a restaurant in culver city called destroyer and chef is amazing. He's the same chef from vesper teen. And he's he just started. Making one of these like icelandic. Thick asks seeded breads shelling. I'm gonna think i'm gonna go get a low for that. Call destroyer destroyer. Yeah i'm curious if it if it passes your muster but he's pretty legit. Yeah that sounds great. What is your bread place in l. a. Where do you normally go. There's lodge bread which is amazing. Those guys are kick ass have two locations. Now there's so good yeah Bells bagels is A the best bagel. I found out here And they were working with. Bob and grandma's bob and grandma andy kane is the the founder of that and they supply bread for every like they supply bread for mozart. Yeah which is crazy that you're supplying bread. Nancy silverton like he's all over the city and so dialed in They don't have a retail spot yet. But you can. they're so popular that everybody advertises. We carry bugging grandma's brin oh cool. Yeah yeah there's a teen i think. Thirteen open and they didn't and then white hat was a big manufacturing close. Yeah yeah they still have a spot in hollywood and their bread still. It's still pretty great. Bill the champs. Yeah yeah okay. What is there a food that you can't stand eating beats really. It takes too much like the ground. That's what people say. Yeah too much like those like those odds are gonna taste no beats. I'm okay with. I feel like i've got i got. I love beets but the goat cheese beet salad craze just like fucking enough already. I know it really. I can give them down. If i have to and some people can pull it off. But it's definitely my one everything. I literally eat everything else on the planet. Right i i one of those people that just figures out what food is by eating it right. I have no problem with eating anything but something about beats. It's probably a childhood thing. I was probably made them from a can or something. Yeah that's probably it. But it's okay. I let i i. That's that's an easy one to there's a lot of people's can't stand food. Yeah oh that's yeah now. My favorite last question my favorite question. Which is what is your restaurant. Pet peeve oh man there's a comics have so many yes. Yeah when you're on the road hitting it for a long time and i come home and go out with my wife. I'm just like my fuses. So right I hate the expression Are you still working on that. Oh yeah so gross. You're have hated. Are you working on it like your plowing through some grunt work..

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