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KOMO Seattle KOMO FM Oakville. The Northwest's only twenty four hour. News station. Latest on the government shutdown also climate change and state spending. I'm Jeff Pohjola with the governor's state of the state address and the Republican response. Also neighbors are stunned by the discovery of three bodies inside. A semantics home ever latest update on that coming up after ABC covers the world. It's twelve midnight. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. The supreme court will likely have the final say, but a federal judge in New York City blocked, the Trump administration from putting a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census declaring the administration ramrod of the question through to intentionally undercount immigrants in spite of this ruling, there's a glimmer of hope for the president the group said adding a citizenship question to the census form isn't unconstitutional. Instead, it found Trump's commerce secretary didn't follow proper procedures before such a question could be at ABC news legal analyst, Royal Oakes. It's day. Twenty six of the partial government shutdown White House, a communist doubled their estimate of how much economic growth the US is losing each week of the shutdown and more furloughed workers are getting that call the IRS ordering more than forty six thousand workers to return to work without pay to make sure Americans get their tax refunds the plan. Also, let some of them answer tax payer questions by phone those recall workers must work, but they won't get paid until congress. On the president. Settle the shutdown. Andy Field ABC news, Washington. The president invited rank and Franken file members of congress from both parties to the White House. Only Republican showed Illinois is Rodney Davis. Lamenting that hundreds of thousands aren't getting it. But there is a crisis at the southern border..

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