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Polesitter kevin harvick what a season he is had hey to man talk line here goes the air well kevin harvick is going to see the caution flag let's see crosses the start finish line he will do that right now thirty yellow halo and even turn matter by going to be careful my real simple opened a little bit day phone i feel like the rear my little bit better thicker going his talking about how good the fords are kevin harvick right now running second is there a problem on or that car there on pharrell traffic i really don't now you would seem to be that kyle larson license race car at this stage of the rain and anna kansas always always loose on him move for four or pool right now this lose the whole border simple mobile inter track ardell doesn't help him nevada take a little layer off the wheel every time i get into fly everybody's running because his blues the car like if he's a lap down he was not hit road just a laugh ago of getting mad phrase it's going to if i got a go right now thank you see thought maybe there was be feel rather play it safe to relevant sorry did come out that wrote here's kyle larson across the stripe the green checkered flag goes in the air and kyle larson winds stage number two three and a white checkered here get a water finish.

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