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Jugglers. You've been in one of ten <music> our there's probably more available all things but you went back. Buddy hackett said to me once dingo by out that way point one percent of your actual talent being used used somebody said why don't you come back. I went on stage. It was an abject disaster. I'm assuming back killed older like i'm dumb give because it was a comedy cost and all my friends came to support the final night. So why do you think you can go back to that. That's very supportive of nurture. I no no i was really terrified us pure of success now. I think it was more. I really like i'm pretty social right and so at first that's when i started going nobody would talk to me and it was really hard and i just need. I just need like a little encouragement or like little like hey acknowledgement and people in august and then once people start doing that. It felt a little better and now i just like trying to be really nice because it really sucks to walk into a room and no one's talking to you. It's just hard so weird. I don't know why happens like i was thinking about recording today up my son off cam and i realize it's not the norm. I don't think to me an opener and mike just be friends right away and just stay friends. I don't think that's a regular thing. Ariz has just a couple of guys that do it but it's like. I don't know any other way that possibly could sustain my success like my inside inside happiness without like me you. Although there was another kid on the show i forget his name but yeah he's really funny jack all he was really funny landscape zero. I love him all in that green room and it was just what i need. You guys to get out of my get out because i like yeah. I actually not talks awesome. I can't say i can't say i can't leave. Delivers kick people out for lack of a better expression is i'm incapable of not talking. If anybody else is in my mind i would not stop. I'm a fucking dog with it should took like corey gets kicked out of my dressing room on t._v. Shows so stupid. Movie quotes yeah chatting. I but it's right. It's a mania at any connection like yeah no about needing urgent because insatiable allow i had like that. I make myself sick and like everybody's. Everybody's got to get out not liking me pain. I really like direct to get out on my seriously shouldn't go. It's totally cool. So did you camp as a kid because i dropped my son up at this fucking nuts can't did you go to camp corn cam. I never yeah yeah. That's kind of what i will. They could take care about you now. It's different now. They like really karen they'd holler at. It's all about the kids what it was like at my grammar school kick ball park next to the school it'd be like board board games and some kick think my middle school during the summer we'd go and hang out for shares but it wasn't like an official. Go away camp. People grownups right under on this is what we're reading on fitness pay. He's eight years old. It's the palestinians between santa monica pierre malibu's all pitch..

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