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Landed early this morning Carolyn Palmer Leschi of Syracuse who share their experiences on board the ship say they are ready to put this nightmare vacation behind them thanks is cloudy callin your Travis Air Force base in California officials in China say eighteen hundred sixty eight people have died from the virus there with over seventy two thousand now in fact an apple warning investors that it won't meet its second quarter revenue target due to the outbreak America is listening to fox news he is back the award winning journalist returns with an unflinching look at the border crisis what I care about is one thing the truth and she's taking on the mainstream media tackling the issues that matter to America one story at a time W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go why their day ended in a flight to a burn center breezy overnight with showers likely wet windy and mild Tuesday morning but the showers diminish afternoon I'm Stan Lee here's what's trending this hour for workers at the foundry near tell city are in a hospital in lieu of all they were injured Monday in an accident at the will pack of plant the company says the injuries are not life threatening it's not clear yet what happened Indiana closes the polls at six PM on election day your state legislators were asked to extend that a couple of hours but Eric Berman reports that he's not going to happen Senate Democrats oppose extending the hours to eight o'clock to make it easier for people to vote but Republicans say it's already hard to get enough people to work the polls without adding to an already long work day and know that Indiana has really voting they say the six PM closing shouldn't stop anyone from voting Eric Berman ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news bridge goes just north of downtown here's Chris Davis on hell will be more than just a place to cross fall creek a company called sixteen tech that's developing fifty acres for tech companies is building the bridge sixteen taxi Emily Krueger talking to inside Indiana business really symbolizes the can activity to between people and ideas that's at the heart of the nation and the sixteen tech innovation distracted expected green spaces and places to eat and drink around it the mission is to attract tech people from all over the world Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news on the level on the go on Twitter at ninety three W. I. B. C. and W. I. B. C. dot com now here's the forecast from the American standard heating weather center expect a wet evening commuters showers continue throughout the night temperatures will fall to the mid thirties late tonight will start your Tuesday with scattered rain showers will dry out my afternoon I'm some tracking meteorologists Ashley brown on ninety three W. IBC hi it's eighty five a champ Tony going on here with Chuck Jones from U. S. the chef you know what's better than we once struck winning twice turn our tax sale everyone wins will be double your down payment that's perfect I mean to get your new car with your tax refund we'll match any tax free fund up to two thousand dollars plus give you up to four thousand dollars more for your trade driveway in an all new Silverado for just two twenty nine a month so fine you rose to be less yeah your view SO Chevy dot com where everyone gets free to like the winner winner winner chicken dinner Tony cats we universal windows directed when it comes to new windows you need a window company that understands Indiana weather and that's universal windows direct how they work to triple pane glass how they engage the superspace of technology and how the windows are beautiful and meet your specifications of what you want your house to look like and lower your energy bills all at the same time and when you buy window from universe when the strike to get the next one free so you can take care of the whole house call today three one seven six five nine seven five seven four or go to universal windows direct dot com and you'll be saying I love my windows the ninety three W. why be seeing that shot on air highlights from today that mildly entertaining us the chance that you'll find them interesting to so this woman gets punched in the back of the head well that's kind of what happened it's kind of a story Tony Katz Tony gads that a great to be with him eight three three got Tony eight three three four six eight eight six six nine there's this woman on a delta flight and she is a means to route Manson behind her in the last row you ever been on an airplane before the last road Lastra doesn't recline.

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