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Okay? Beth Myers is in the newsroom we had a gun scare in a high school earlier today. That's right. Somebody has some explaining to do. I'm Beth Myers. Newsradio one thousand Katie. Okay. News center. There was a short lockdown earlier today Mustang high school the school says a loaded gun was found inside a bag left unattended in the schools media center. Well, the police were called they came out. And it turns out that the gun and the bag belonged to a school employee who does have a handgun license. We understand the employees plan to go target shooting and forgot to remove the gun from the bag before entering the school building. It's ten months in federal prison for Claire Moore woman who pleaded guilty to making a hoax bomb threat against Clare Morris schools, forty nine year old Stephanie Montgomery called Clare more high school last March and said that there were five bombs in backpacks at the high school and ten more bombs at the elementary school. Well, no bombs were found. She was sentenced today in Tulsa federal court. Governor Kevin stood says he is working with lawmakers to find a way to regulate medical marijuana to make sure. Businesses are protected. We've gotta make sure those businesses can also perform and businesses. No how they're going to drug test. How they're going to, you know, provide a safe working environment for their employees and our manufacturing facilities capital today. Stitz said he wants to find a way to regulate medical marijuana and make sure that it is exactly what voters intended when they approved the measure last, June and finally the Oklahoma army national guard is about to get its first female general officer promotion ceremony will be held next Wednesday at the state capital for Colonel Cynthia tick him now see will be promoted to the rank of regular general. She enlisted in the guard in nineteen eighty.

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