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Good for him. Great and This is from Carlos. Andreas I am a twenty six year lawyer from Lima Peru and have been listening to the pod for more within two years. Now I absolutely love what you do. I listen to money. Football podcast and see a lot of programs were former football players and coaches analyze and comment on the latest matches transfers. And I love listening to them but what you guys. It's something else. It is something else. Yes you see I love my job I love my family. My friends All all in all I live a pretty happy life but as I grow older I find less and less joy and things because experiences start becoming familiar. Maybe it is that routine kicks in but but no sports as I tell the interns and the law firm I worked for sports and football are one of those things that can and that is what your podcasts means to me. Just a couple of labs you enjoy joyful ball playing it and watching it even if we are not professional fraud along our feels like dig for all the long hours and problems I might have to deal with on a daily basis as is just part of life. I get to put my headphones on Jim or on my walk back home and listen to you get excited as a child would and as I am millions do over again the beautiful game for a Nice Nice. Isn't it very nice. I've always said what we lack in expertise we make up for in presence. We're here we exist. We are thinking yeah. sentient beings with microphones. Just wanted end with questions. You guys have any particular was very nice though Super Nice Lima Peru. Yeah Do you guys have any particular. TV show shows or movies fiction or not fiction. Sport related that you like in can recommend to me personally. I Love Sunderland till I die. I looking for Eric Friday night lights so I I would just tell you right now. Give the Leeds United one if you liked Sunderland till I die Take me home. Leeds United Amazon Prime. Give that a watch and maybe even warnock the documentary. God we've gotten some great material from that. Yes show warnock. The documentary from Vivo six which is just there are times when he's just the most reprehensible human being but you can't take your eyes off him no you you can't Finally Griff bitching says what are the odds. We've got an all Ireland playoff game in the euro's do think any problems order would arise we. Should we did talk about that Last week was it weeks ago. Yeah there's a good chance yeah I don't think right now. With the political climate there will be any any problems. It would be a grudge match of grudge matches. But I don't well defined problems you're talking about. It's the bar then. Yeah maybe not that Komo in one thousand nine hundred three when we play them into work qualifier was nasty and people were being killed in Northern Ireland. There was massacres going on. None of that is going on right. Now but you'll hear nasty sectarian things that that hasn't gone away. Actually finally finally question is this one. Ola wants to know where some of our drops come from or what. What is the story behind them like? Oh it's crap or check you later. So Oh it's crap is. Brian Cloth Wall shouting at his own players.

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