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Authorities have confirmed the death of a seventy year a woman who was fleeing a massive southern california wildfire the ventura county medical examiner says she was killed in a car crash along and evacuation routes across the border malevanny president trump was in pensacola florida for a rally comes only days before embattled gop candidate senate candidate roy more squares off against democrat doug jones in alabama special election next week trump kicked off the rally by talking up what he's promised americans for christmas saturday your house hopefully very shortly will have those approvals those hands will go up and you're going to be paying a lot less tax so congratulations part to south mississippi and southeast louisiana have recorded one of their heaviest snowfalls six inches are more recorded the crosouth with mississippi i'm martin and i'm charlie pellett at bloomberg world headquarters a record day for both the dow jones industrial average and the sp 500 index for the week the sp 500 index advance threetenths of one percent the latest jobs report bolstered optimism in the us economy as for where it leaves the federal reserve lizanne saunders is chief investment strategist at charles schwab we do thank actually they are probably raise rates consistent with their doubts plot their forecasts which is probably 3 hake sex share the market is still below that we think one of the chefs relative to the past two years is that the market may be forced to move up its expectations versus the fed having to bring down its expectations lowell euros head of multiasset solutions for t rowe price you know we see a quarterpoint hike next week ends near three hikes in two thousand and eighteen so yeah i don't think it's going to have a meaningful effect particularly on uh what's expected and also to that element we don't really see it at a meeting lee affect on the long into the career and rick readers chief investment officer at black rock financial management and we think are going to be low interest rates for a long time but can ten years move up to fifty to seventy five you i would think they're going to go there the dynamic around in a one.

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