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Algorithms to build followers in a viral setting like that's a whole new market to tap into short form content. That's worth collecting. I think the most prevailing example is looking at memes memes that get virality and get a lot of views and a lot of attention to become one with culture, right? The memes of culture, those are probably worth collecting as well. But there aren't markets for that. The markets aren't yet completely ascribed just yet, right? So I'm trying to think about it comes down to education onboarding, maybe it comes down to more like successful case studies, right? I'd argue that seeing Daniel Allen kind of like take off in the music space, has motivated a lot of other musicians to enter the space, seeing what he did in 48 hours, right? Opened up the mines and creativity for many labels, many independent artists and everything in between. So kind of getting more of these case studies out there of like a successful short form content creator and a successful podcaster and a successful videographer and a successful cook, right? Like a chef that wants to create a cookbook and wants to sell ebooks via NFTs, right? I think it's documenting that through education and then providing the right pipelines for onboarding. That could stimulate. If you look at the way that quotes often happens, it comes from people replicating things that they've seen work elsewhere, whether it's the different models we saw with profile picture NFTs and identities mapping over to music NFTs and people experimenting with similar models around one O one versus multi print editions to people replicating successes of people that either autos that are doing similar things to them. I think sometimes that replication works and like a model that's proven to work in one context all in one form of media does map of it to another. But at the time, we need to find tweaks on the structure of the release and the NFT. It's maybe more suited to the kind of content being released. And I think that I still feel like the place to be looking in order to find the evolutions to how releases should look like for new forms of content and for new mediums. We should be looking at those underlying value propositions like reasons why people collect and why people get value out of collecting to help find what needs to evolve as we kind of spread to new mediums and new kinds of contents and relationships between collectors and their NFT base. What's up guys? Thank you for listening.

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