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You're a student, you're trying to find a craft or perfect a craft, how do you deal with that? I think at the end of the day, I heard some good advice. It's just all about what you value school and the classes are important. And that's how you get a degree. But at the end of the day, experience is experience. And so I want to put as much effort as much time energy into this into my job here at the Beacon as I can because as I mentioned earlier, it is student journalism, but at the end of the day, we want to be respected and treated just as any other journalist. As any other major news, news media company. So it's just that just that idea of putting all my effort into this, just you put in, you get out what you put in. So history like I would a real job because this is what it is at the end of the day. And what I think some people don't understand is you are walking a very fine line, you you're a student. You're not working for an independent entity. The student publications office is part of the university, but you're still having to give honest portrayals of what is happening, especially when you go through something as we all did with the end of Pruitt. I mean, that is a conflicting Odyssey. Yeah, I mean it really is, we are editorial independent. So I think we have a little bit more room than normal, but I know in the past they've had stories they've had they broke news and whatever the case may be and they have faced some backlash from the administration. I forget the building or the organization, but one place won't run ads with us anymore because of whatever store they broke. I don't remember the exact example. It's stuff like that. And I think it goes back to that kind of student aspect of it. But they just don't use the same. But it is a fine line as you can. Yeah, you're independent, but you're the president of the university and the Chancellor are within they could throw a stone and hit your operation. And I think they do pay the light Bill. Yeah, they do. But you know, at the end of the day, news is new. So you have something that happens you got to break it. You can't just look over it just because it's a universities. So I think that's the mindset we have to have is that no matter what happens, we just want to be fair and biased and treated just like any other story we would cover. So at school of paper now is different than maybe it was a couple of years ago or even a million years ago. When you were there? Well, I was there a billion. But it comes out once a week, is that correct? Yes. We have a weekly paper. And I think twice a month we do a special issue, which is a little different just about whatever topic our most recent one we had won about a homecoming. We had one preview in the basketball season. So just kind of those special. What about online? Is it more regular? Yeah. Every day, every story we were right, it goes up online immediately. Just the print papers come out once a week. But everything else goes up online every day. Well, Josh, again, thank you for having me over there today. I'm sure young students had no interest in listening to what somebody may opine about yesteryear, but it was a delight and really a pleasure to come by and meet you and meet all of your colleagues and you're just a phenomenal group of people. I was so impressed with what I saw and heard and I hope you'll come back offer appreciate that Paul thanks for coming. It was great. Josh lane, the sports editor of the UT daily Beacon joining us here. An old rocky top. We're coming right back. You are listening to the Paul find show podcast. We're back we're live in Knoxville, Laura Rutledge joining us shortly. Great conversation. Our sports editor friend Josh and let's take more phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 I'm always the last person. John is next in South Carolina. Hey, John. Hello, Paul. How are you? We're great. Thank you. Good. Thanks for taking my call, man. Love your show. Big dog fan down here in Charleston, South Carolina, but it's got to take issue a little something in Tim we're talking about earlier things like week after week, dogs are 9 in that. We're shutting down everybody. We're still not getting credit. We hadn't been tested. So, you know, since we woke up from new touch or not, I mean, Clemson, yeah, Clemson was Clemson. We know how that stand out. So if I could interact with you for one second, you're not getting respect, is that what you said? I mean, I don't know maybe number one team in the country and you're not getting respect. Well, I will know you said earlier we hadn't been tough yet this year. You said we did not the dogs have not been tested. Is it this week we're tested? And then we talk about it Monday. Tell me. Well, let me back up. I thought I thought Clemson was a test at the time. But I would say since Clemson, I can't watch as many games as I can. Maybe I miss one, but it seems like most of them have been pretty much pretty one side. Yeah. Which, by the way, that's not your fault. I mean, that's the fact that you're so good. No, I mean, and it's been a while since we've been like this as dog fans. We've seen 8 and three, 9 and two. For many, many years and I watched TiVo beat up almost every year he was there except for one, which was that, but it seems like each week it's like, oh, Georgia still needs to crib a little something. I don't know. Well, maybe this week. Not that I'm here to offer advice. I wouldn't really care what people say as long as you win. I thought Griffith had a good point. Alabama went through this about 30 years ago that nobody respected them. The entire season only won the national championship. That happens, though, when you're when you're a defensive oriented team I got you. I agree. I agree. But I think this is a different team that the Georgia fans have not seen in many, many years. We've been used to silly penalties and all kinds of other stuff. And I think Kirby's got this team's got their head screwed on right and I think this is the year that we finally get one. Well, 20 years ago, I hate that. Thank you very much, John. Appreciate it. Matt is up next in Texas. Hey, I got right ahead. My brother. I want everybody to go miss game and I got a prediction for you guys to send the gym as well. I'll go over a prediction first. Animal beat on this 45 40 47. That's quite a prediction. And I got one you say to Jim. Jim, my man, miss Cole, you are so much. But a week, the crippled old man, thank you to your show. It's clear to show us past you over because you're too much home to thank you the future. When you're not the future, giving it or a diaper and go work for Fox. You know what? You ain't too bad. Hold on a second. We're Friends, right? The answer is, you let your brother Paul. I mean, is that really a nice thing to say to Jim?.

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