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And apparently from the very beginning Otis, wanted those sounds of the waves and the seagulls at the beginning and Steve cropper thought it was a little bit cheesy, but he added it because that's what is wanted. What abused song Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay on sound opinions. Georgia. All for school. They. All look like, nothing's going on. So I'm just going to say that. Watching. Sit known up Dr. Leaks. The main thing. Do people. Mesh thing. And this law. Two. Wrong. Doc. Now I'm just going to sit at the play. And. Doc. Waged. Otis, Redding sitting on the dock of the bay. You're gonna have to work hard to top that. That's a great song. I'm gonna go completely the opposite way. Not even going to try to be try to be positive or uplifting with this song. It just one of the most disturbing songs ever written. I'm going to remind your see phobia. I didn't hear that at the beginning where you fessed up your rate of the water. Here you go. You know what are can be interesting the way the imagery is used. Take me to the river, Al green. It's, you know, it's about spiritual cleansing renewal. A lot of people associate bodies of water with this kind of sense of renewal, but it also can be a burial ground every mafia movie every seen the guys thrown into the river, right? I think PJ Harvey's tapping into that tradition with down by the water from her nineteen ninety five album to bring my love. The song seems to suggest an innocence was being lost here. It's not quite clear who's losing their innocence, but something bad is happening and you have to sort of read between the lines. What happened under that bridge? We still don't know the answer that question in this song. So she's combining a couple of traditions here that I was talking about the the spiritual renewal, the burial ground. Oh, help me. Jesus come through the storm. That's one of the lines in the song she's asking for God's help Jesus help in getting through this trauma. Oh that she's going through and I had to loser to do our harm is the very next two lines in the song and you're going, oh, we got a problem here. So she said t standing on the banks of this river much like odor is yeah, you know, observing something participating in something perhaps, but on the shore, looking into this river and she's begging these fish at the end of the song to bring back her purity in a way to bring back. My daughter to me, one of the interpretations is that there's a child killing child has been killed in his. Another interpretation is that she was abused as a child, the narrator of the song we're talking about this, come back to the river to seek some sort of redemption. So there's all sorts of interpretations. I've talked to poly about the song couple times because I'm endlessly fascinated by his not gonna tell you it's up to you is. Yeah. So anyway, PJ Harvey with Dan by the water on sound opinions. Jeez. Restall..

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