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Paul dot com. I'm Keith Peters, pre Russians and one Ukrainian are being charged by Dutch court in the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight seventeen over Ukraine in July two thousand fourteen with the loss of two hundred ninety eight lives, but correspondent Charles de Ledesma reports investigators do not expect the suspects to physically face trial in Europe, the international team investigating the downing flight age, seventeen he which two hundred nine thousand nine hundred people died, ask Russia and Ukraine to exit the fullest suspects cross accusers realize that the constitution's about hunches prohibit that the asking Russia to hand the summons to the suspects who will in the Russian federation, and arrange for them men to be interviewed about the charges in announcing the charges prosecutors appeal for witnesses to help lead them even further up the chain of command in President Vladimir Putin's Russia the race to become Britain's next prime minister is down to the final four on Wednesday as Boris Johnson, stretched his lead among conservative lawmakers and start ROY Stewart. It was eliminated from the contest. BBC correspondent, Jessica Parker reports. Worked to set himself apart in this contest touring the country to talk to the public as Paul Pondimin, energetic, Seychelle, media, campaign, and unlike other candidates, he insisted that it wouldn't be possible to negotiate a new Brexit deal with Brussels. But after his vote went down tonight, he described that few as a truth that someone quite ready to hear Boris Johnson continues to be way out ahead in this contest. While Jeremy Huntington Michael gov, tussle for second place more votes on Thursday will winnow the field down to, to the final pair of candidates with the most votes will appear on a runoff ballot mail about one hundred sixty thousand conservative party members across the country. On Wall Street that out by thirty eight points..

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