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I understand that they're gonna make it the way it's meant that should apply for all drinks. Yeah right cool. I'm glad we all agree Another storyline basketball related. Another important story to come out of the winning. The finals is this plane. Ride that devon booker immediately after losing the nba finals first of all. There was a clip of devon booker looking off into middle distance as the celebration was happening of him. Just looking off and going damn and it. It hit with me when i saw him do that. Man that's got us. And i bet does and to compound upon that suck. Devon booker is playing in the olympics as our chris middleton and holiday who were. I don't know if you know this on the winning team. And so they had to fly to tokyo together. I think they're lieven tomorrow. Yep friday via private plane so it's not even like you. Can you know you can't even lose yourself in the other people like i don't talk i'm going in the back. Leave me alone. I would be like. Oh i know the environment. And i respect it and we all got to cut back but who do i have to talk to to get a flight of my alpay for it. Let me get my own flight please. How long's the flight to tokyo. To god to be a long flight between the game and the flight is good. That is he needed that at least three days if you had to immediately the next day that's just i can't even imagine how awkward it would be to be sitting on a plane with two of the people you just played against. Who won what you wanted. I just wonder if you're milton. Jrue holiday do you just dunk on him relentlessly or do you got to believe they would be somewhat respectful to not be coming. They're about to be teammates right. So at the beginning of journey thirteen hours depending on where they're not like fifteen. So that's that's that's the meal on frequent flight and think about this break bread twice. The victory parade is today for the bucks. So chris middleton. Andrew holiday are gonna be smelling like alcohol just like hung over from secondary thought then devon booker. You just gotta hope. Maybe they're too hung over to be any sort of lively on this flight so everybody sleeps the whole time and that way he doesn't have to deal with them celebrating or recounting. Or you know being happy while you said. I just thought of side story. That i don't think has been mentioned in if it has undergone say. It has taken taking credit for this house. Can we get rude. Travis for can we give a little credit to jrue holiday. This is the guy that stepped away from the game to be there with his wife. Lauren holiday when she was going through medical issues then comes back and gets the chant like he got everything he did. The right thing and then like celebrate him for doing travis. I love that. Give joy holidays. Flowers speaking of the bucks parade. It seemed like the bus driver was in a rush. We're like yeah you know what sometimes and yes. This is coming from somebody who's been to a lot of victory parades and i'm sorry. I apologize but they could move a little faster. Sometimes they go a little slow. I understand everybody wants take picture. It's cool it's fun but i'm not against just trying to defend this bus driver. Who took the corner like we were in speed it was he didn't want they didn't want a slowdown in any four. But on the turn. Yeah it was quick. The people reacted afterwards. It looked like the fans were like. Was that them. Did they go. Was that time for fifty years for that. I mean whoo. But i assume they slowed down once they hit the root. This was as they were coming out of the building. If you haven't seen the clip go look it up. It's the at least that was quick. Parades are alright. Victory are far and away. The best parades of parades like give me a victory parade over a all. Parades kinda i dunno. So victories are just about like seeing it saying you did it. In having a reason to put bailey's in your dunkin donuts yeah. If i'm sufficiently drunk. I will sit through a parade other. We'll stand. there's no city thank you during kovin. That's why a victory i think is kind of overrated because you're gonna to celebrate your team's victory but you're in a mass crowd. You can't sit. You probably can't even make it to the restroom. You're you're hammered. Oh there's no way or making it. It'd be like mizzou guys. We're going to get torn apart on the like. I'd rather go to fourth of july. You know or something like that prey reich and sit down on a chair. Adam candies getting tossed out like you can still are of those though. You don't know who's going by. You're not like look at the local dance center performing a number doodle. Dandy you don't actually it's fake. It's fake entertainment that you're like. Oh that's cool but this is like oh i can see a person but then again they don't really do much unless you happen to a spot where like one of them throws the trophy the other one you kind of like if they're all chugging beers at once and you're like yeah like that's a little different but also anything better than a parade is there. Do we have any suggestions. I will say having an amphibious vehicle. I appreciate the duck boats. Jan jaanus was holding a basketball imitating him. Being slow on his free throws and then he did shoot the boss. Like if you're that person that got that ball at this prayed suggesting ever but for the most part you're just staying in their hammered going like a new year's eve like in times square. I was just gonna say that it's exactly what it is. It's just a lot of standing around and then five for five minutes you like and then you're standing around when i was younger and we used to go watch the boston pops fireworks but we never went to the actual concert whenever went to the where you had to go early and whatever my mom and i used to be like why you don't we ever get closer. My mom was like those people have been there all day and they're wearing diapers and that was enough to make me go. Oh yeah. I'm not doing that. I don't know if it's true but it was enough to scare little katie into being like. Yeah we can see the fireworks. It's the same sky..

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