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We're actually recording What is it may twenty fifth. I believe this is his birthday along. Happy birthday mukunda kona. Because y'all yell put up a post. She's like oh happy birthday from your girls me kauai shelley the dog. He's really out numbered. That house definitely definitely like she had a bunch of pictures up. One resist like him gordon. The baby and the dog like laying on his lap. A so. okay. I'll say we won't spend too much time chitchatting. 'cause we got like four issues tonight but Then goals is three of those go from all of them are double sized. Aren't they want anymore. And then those what does that prestige or whatever Here it's going to look to stop by believe. I don't know if it was confirmed. Or if they were just like talks are rumors but I know a few weeks back there. They cast the guy gardner for that. That green lantern. Hbo mac series. But i i knew they were talking about a Alan scott they were talking about new. See if i oh yeah Yes warhorse mumia. We go again. After jeremy irvine wasn't talks for the role alex irvine is officially. Signed the play. Alan scott so i'm curious how they're going to set this up. I mean sounds like it's going to be a core base show and you know alan scott. Never really with the tour so again. I guess. I'm looking forward to it. And unless they do make up or something i mean. I don't know if allen going to be like younger. I mean he looks like a young guy being not mocking to be older than the rest of them can question or do we know when viewing going to be what next year or out check. But i don't think they ever gave like a Like a date for it See each own max on. Hbo mac what's the first thing brings up when i search green leaner and hbo max. Green later animated series wills favourite. Yes we were. Just talking about the soundtrack volume one. By one of the contract like a thirteen episodes. I think which is really really good. Bye for all you can call. This is an offline. Backup of your music that i said when i get older. So you like to put stuff another machines you like a medium one I'm looking for release date each match. Release date minute delayed Source this thing saying like march eighteenth but that can't be oh eight now that's justice league neider put youth I think they began filming. But i don't know if they're done yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if we next year but not seen a thing about in announced state like their dislike gal. We're starting filming all that's gonna be ten episodes so things. We agree standard now for most shows is intended to episode season ten or less yet like the stress on streaming. Yeah yes russell yes. They've cast alan scott and wondering why he's not old. Yes like about that is going to be the star heart or some other. you know. it's like. Oh the kevin kept me younger. That's gonna be weird. If they just like make them like a regular core members will be like. Why are you wearing a cape and no one else's wearing a cape. Yeah okay cool aren't you. Didn't you fight like rover. Tude speaking of allen scott. There was an article today. M i guess Some star girl. One shot came today. Like i said i haven't been in the store. I won't beat us to the sword till tomorrow. But i guess in the back of it. They are fairly big to pay job. Who's an ad or like a t's whatever. But i guess a guess there's going to be a new a series on a guest. Geoff johns gonna be writing it. Okay interesting. I think it was it. Geoff johns and bryan hitch. Brian hit us. Awesome aso donald said one yet but yeah it looks like there was like a two page. Yeah just like it. Looks like cuddle kinda looks pretty much like the almost like the jesse we had before new fifty two wonder if that's possible in the infinite frontier. Oh my god but No ray message be saturday night and there was some rumor going around the internet that jim lee was like a new going back. The marvel or something really. I have not heard that. I heard the news yet. I even asked lilith. And she's like she's like yeah. Nothing's in the wind but don't be surprised in the next few months. If something happens so out that that would be big big. That's wild because he's gonna be isn't he something. Yeah i mean. We'll our they cleaning. I mean they've got rid of employees awhile ago but are they gonna be like cleaning. House died of gone Yeah i don't know wow. I had not heard that it seems like in the comics are kind like trying to shift the they don't want to admit it but they're kinda shifting away from new fifty two and trying to go back the lake you know early two thousands tanya hear ya i hear ya. They thought they were going to bring in the kids. That's right you're not you're gonna make us old men happy. There's only way to do. Bo probably is good. Just tell good stories and everything though. Be an event every three months other. Here's your has been bad over marble the new one. I haven't read it. i mean again. Well the interesting thing is like the world doesn't remember the avengers and like they're kind of doing their take on like dc because like the you know the the premier heroes are the squadron supreme. Okay gotcha one. And a lot of the focus has been on hyperion. Oh my god. What issues three last week. Yeah there was a there were focusing. On the blur you know the wizar- you know the blur. But they were would flash because like he was running through time and space than he was fighting like russian bears. the city.

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