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Start. I see terrible story out of New York City. More details coming out now. Police say that the gunman actually set off a smoke bomb and then started shooting on that subway train. Patrick berry 41, this is from The New York Times. Patrick Barry 41 said he was waiting at the 25th street station one stop north when an R train arrived at around 8 30. He and his three year old daughter boarded but the train did not move. Quote, then suddenly from the front of the train, I heard people screaming, run, run, run, go, go, go. Then all these people came sprinting out past our car, and I just felt like, oh my God, this is a stampede. People started pushing out from behind, so I grabbed my daughter and we ran two, one teenager who identified himself as had a hole in his track pants that he said came from a bullet. The New York Times says a uniform police officer asked passengers to call 9-1-1 because his radio wasn't working. Well, you know what? How about funding the freaking police officers so they have working equipment out there. Unbelievable. This story from Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday, early early in the morning. There was a gunfight, and three people were shot. One person was killed. It was around what two 30 in the morning. Now this is from television station, WREG. And now the mother of a of the dead man, 26 years old, so the 26 year old had 5. I'm sorry, he's the father of four kids and one on the way. So you've got a dad, 26 years old, he's got 5 kids, he's a local rapper, and he was shot and killed. Police were caught in the crossfire, and they opened fire, and now the mom is actually blaming the police officers. According to the police, officers were present when two groups of men started to shoot outside the club three people were injured. During the exchange, officers also fired shots. And so I guess the mother of the dead man is saying that the police were responsible. She says they were there on the side of their car playing with women. You know, I've seen that happen, by the way. On Beale street, where it's a popular tourist destination, and you see the same thing happen in New York City, you got the tourists and they want to get pictures with the cops on horseback, or you want to get pictures of the beautiful scantily clad ladies on the police car, which happens all the time at Beale street. I'm not sure why people are surprised by that. But she said police were not properly monitoring the club. She said her son who was unarmed was in innocent bystander, but the sun's 19 year old cousin was critically injured as well. Police took a family friend into custody, but the mother says he was only firing back at some unknown shooter in self defense good lord. But it's the police department's fault..

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