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A game is late nine fifteen eastern local time, eight fifteen in Baton Rouge, but that's still early for the folks down in the by you. Let's get back to the calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five. Gerry is in Texas, and you're on the air. Paul, thanks for taking my call, love your show, longtime lifter, all the time. And now I watch it every day on TV. Thank you. LSU had our big LSU fan, but they've been having trouble the dog on game clock. It's the second year in a row, and I'm just wondering your thoughts. When the Olympic game clock goes off or they or malfunctions and the and the time has kept on the field with dead, not give an advantage to team with a hurry up type out. The answers opposed to as opposed to traditional. I'll say it seems like, but let me ask you this because I haven't noticed how long has it has this? What's or what's the long way was gone on? Went out Saturday night at about the about two third quarter, and they kept the time on the field for the rest of the game. Okay. This happened last year too. So I was just wondering if you have a if you've got Joe alita on your speed doll, you could put a word is here to get pretty much everyone but him I must be though. One of the thing you had you had helped a you had on your call on your show few couple of weeks back talking about how Laudi. Oh yeah, and Saturday. This coming Saturday night. They're unveiling a statue of Billy cannon outside the stadium, and I listen to the game back in fifty. Nine, I get is your Dow's about ten years old on us, car radio and I and I'm and I help Laudi had called was the announcer for that game. I looked it up on the internet and I couldn't find out who the amount of. So why don't? Why am I thinking it would have been John Ferguson? Maybe that was later that was before his time. Okay. That was before him. John Ferguson doing deli football games was simply unbelievable to listen to. Yes, he was great. He was great and Jim Hawthorne too. I mean, I I when I was coming up, I listened to a new gym very well. I did not know John, but I, I'm gonna have to. I'm gonna have to ask someone to help me on that one because I do. I'm sure Tim Brando would know they showed the the replay of the canon. Run back every. Have you heard back ole Miss Taylor? She robbery that was the biggest rivalry LSU had for years years. It was when I was in school and and of course it kind of it kind of mellowed out a little bit because unless you had at one, you know, went into a downscale, but now it's getting back, but I'm, I'm a little. I'm a little apprehensive about ole miss with with their passing game. You never know were there. Let's own this capable. I just I was really disappointed now. Maybe you shouldn't measure yourself against Alabama, although you have to. But. The. Tech attack. That was a really good start to the season. But I mean, they they have. They have everything that you need authencity. And they can get it going. I mean, those wide receivers will match up with anyone in the country. But I I like LSU but. Almost can can can can scare you a little bit. I just don't think defensively they have anything close to being able to stop LSU. Well, it'll be it could be a tough game. Thanks for the call it. It is a great rivalry and it's not what it was, but it's still as an old time SEC fan, you stop and take notice of certain games and that would be way way high on the list. Steve is in Lexington..

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