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Sacramento. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Nora raum. President Trump travels to Pennsylvania today for a campaign rally in estate expected to be one of the hardest fought battlegrounds of the twenty twenty election NPR's, Don gonyea has this report. President Trump will be campaigning in the small town of Montoursville in the north central part of the state. The rally inside the hangar of a local airport will be his six in Pennsylvania since his election campaign event also comes on the day before a special congressional election in the district, and the president hopes to boost the Republican and that contest, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, already looms large in next year's presidential contest, twenty twenty Democrats have been making early visits. Joe Biden held a big rally in Philadelphia over the weekend. Trump carried the state by less than one percent last time, the first Pennsylvania win for GOP nominee since nineteen Eighty-eight, Don gonyea. And be our news. Hundreds of demonstrators marched on the Alabama capital in Montgomery yesterday to protest, a new law that outlaws most abortions. It would make it a felony to perform an abortion, even in cases of rape, and incest, for months, Senator, and democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says the law is an example of a right wing extremist effort to deny women, the right to control their own bodies, apparently the Alabama legislature and governor actually believe that it is appropriate to force a woman to have the baby of her rapist, President Trump wait in an abortion on Twitter Saturday night, without mentioning the Alabama law. Specifically, he said he would support abortion in cases of rape incest, or if the life of the mother was at stake. Voting is over in India, six week long election, but vote counting won't begin until Thursday. And the Lauren Freya reports from Mumbai, exit polls predict victory for prime minister Narendra Modi's, Hindu, nationalist party polls by four leading Indian TV channels project, the Bhartiya, Janata Party and its allies will have enough seats in parliament to govern opposition leaders called the exit polls, mere gossip and urged the public to wait for a fischel results due Thursday, voter turnout. Tallies are out showing nearly sixty five percent of eligible voters cast ballots that slightly lower than the last election in two thousand fourteen five years ago, moody, ran on a promise of jobs, but unemployment is at a four decade high. This time he played up the country's majority Hindu faith and the threat of terrorism from neighboring Pakistan Lauren fryer. NPR news Mumbai voters in Switzerland, approved tighter gun controls yesterday to bring laws in line with changes to European Union rules, the law requires regular. Training on the use of firearms and special waivers to own some semi automatic weapons. This is NPR news. Meteorologists are predicting some severe weather across portions of the southern plains today, including wind hail, and heavy rain. There might be tornadoes in Oklahoma. Several school districts have already canceled classes. Investigators say the twenty fifteen blowout at a natural gas well near Los Angeles resulted from safety failures by southern California gas company. The rupture of the utilities, Eliseo Kenyan facility led to the largest known methane gas leak in US history for member station. K Q, E D lily Jamali has more. The report concludes so cow gas did not investigate dozens of ruptures that occurred before the blow out, and that the utility companies should have been able to stop the leak that followed sooner the leak caused by corroded pipe lasted almost four months sickening and displacing. Thousands of residents in the Los Angeles community of Puerto ranch. Matt Pachuco has lived there for twelve years. Other health problems. Yes. They're ongoing and people are still getting sick to hookah wants the facility shutdown, so cow, gas maintains the Eliseo canyon facility is safe to operate and that regulations put in place after the leak should prevent a similar incident from happening again, for NPR news. I'm lily dramatically. Lori Lightfoot is to be sworn in today as the mayor of Chicago. She's the first black woman and openly, gay person elected to the physician, a major challenge will be money Lightfoot says the shortfall in the next city budget, maybe worse than the seven hundred million dollars estimated by the outgoing administration. I'm Nora raum. NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR.

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