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I'll tell you guys what i was up to submit minutes thing week for me but one of the shows the you want to talk about this on tv is called the tunnel yes tunnel the tunnel and this is at show that shows on pbs is it about the red line now i'm never going to live my life in our allies ever title and it's a really excellent thriller series starring steven d'alene who's a british actor that i feel should have had the career that tom hill soon as having for some reason steven d'alene isn't a household name and didn't date date taylor swift but he's if you look them up you'll recognize him and he's really he's very handsome and very classy and he plays a police officer in kent england and the tunnel that they're talking about as the tunnel between france and england oh card and the production crew was the first production crew to get permission to actually film in that tunnel because obviously they have huge security sure issues but it is a fascinating piece of technology and a fascinating kind of culture and machine unto itself and so they they pivot a crime or abuse lee a murder earned disappearance that happens in or around that tunnel and then the rest of the series is about solving at and so his opposite number in calais is played by clements poesy of beautiful french actress and they work together they they they have a nice friendship there not romantic but.

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