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We have soapy Kamarudin in Hong Kong and Niraj Shah in Mumbai. Sophie, let's start with you have a mixed session in Asia. Of course, China not faring that well, actually. Yeah. China certainly not faring very well over the morning session. And it looks like there's more runway than for correction the region, given how tepid the gains have been thus far Asian stocks marginally higher trading mixed while the yen hovers below one twelve we've seen Japanese and Korean share swigging investors way corporate results, the cost fee now down by a tenth of a percent after slipping into a bear market last week down in the wake of this. Recent sell off green regulators saying they will take measures to stabilize capital markets. And the mood is somewhat different in Sydney shares maintaining their Monday advanced after wiping out fifty five billion dollars in market value last week. Now, we have a half hour to go until a greater China equity markets come back online from the lunch break. We'll take a look at how they fared in the morning. Shin shares and Shanghai set to extend losses begging the question then national team Where Art Thou Mark Mobius earlier telling us that more weakness is ahead for Chinese equities. Which would it be surprising? If there are more earnings landmines ahead. Great wall motor as well as multi and if we get additional eco data that points to slowing growth after factory profits came in weaker for fifth straight month, and that is the interest of fashion or we get the official TMI data for October due on Wednesday. Now here in Hong Kong. The Hang Seng hasn't fluctuating after clocking a fifth weekly lost in a row, but Hong Kong's Red October. Then looking to continue hate speech was rising in the morning after third quarter results estimates we are going to see what that may mean for the share price to get. It has been a rough twenty eighteen for the lenders shares last Friday, he just be falling to the lowest level in nearly two years in Hong Kong guys national team Where Art Thou in teed. Well, where is trading at the moment. Let's head over. Neurotic the market. There has been open for a few minutes. Now. Garage. Good morning to.

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