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Corwin hake why one report says president trump is responsible also on the way a supplemental budget of more than one point two billion dollars now signed by the governor i'm carleen johnson a bit of what's in it and a mixed market on wall street but certainly looking at heck of a lot more positive than yesterday we'll have the numbers for you coming up shortly komo news time twelve noon forty eight degrees downtown from abc news i'm scott goldberg the white house is facing questions about a new report that says last year one of the president's lawyers brought up the idea of pardoning two top aides caught up in the special counsels russia investigation tie cobb at the white house lawyer dealing with the russia investigation says quote no pardons are under discussion or under consideration at the white house that statement comes as the new york times reports a lawyer for president trump discussed the idea of pardons for former aides michael flynn in paul manafort as special counsel robert muller was building cases against them are lex signs abc news washington a federal judge ruled today to attorneys general have the right to bring their lawsuit claiming the president improperly profits from his business the judge said the attorneys general in maryland and in washington dc have legal standing to bring a case alleging violations of the constitutions emoluments clause which prohibits a president from receiving gifts from a foreign government without approval from congress the judge may get dismissed the case on other grounds but for now the president must contend with accu nations he is improperly collecting profits from his luxury hotel in washington the president has claimed his business arrangements posed no conflicts abc's.

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