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And I was just talking to a team yesterday that specifically said to me that they don't want to be the first to make a substantial overture because they know that they also don't want to boost the compensation so talked teams yesterday also talk to teams at the combine who definitely have interests. But in terms of making sure that the price is not too high for them that that's also a concern that I heard as recently as of yesterday. All right. That's been lost. Since it got to hear your voice. The giants are look looking to deal with Bill Beckham issuing here. But if teams call them, and they have the listen and they've come up with lofty demands, if the owner John Mara wants to keep him. I don't think they're looking to move on from him, which doesn't mean that they won't move on from him. And that may just be their stance right now. But there have been teams that called there have been teams that have inquired. They have not been inclined to move him to date don't seem inclined to move him. We'll see if that changes the draft approach. It's interesting good. It's interesting to me that he is even someone that is up for discussion at this point tells me this something's wrong with relationship there somewhere somehow with Odell in either. I don't him know what I'm saying is why wouldn't you just go like this click did you just sign him to? Then started listening to teams who want to trade for him. I understand sometimes teams will make you a deal you can't refuse. But I think look. New point. What is the sense? I have a phone to people. People to. No. But I think that that's a very a stoop point because you can definitely well any of this karate. I agree if this was done. So the fact that conversations are there. But I do want to set did get a tech saying that people feel like, you know, the price again might be too. You know too high. They don't they don't want to be the first to make that Cole. Listen, I I would say you should if somebody calls, you you you should listen somebody says, we'll give you two number ones for that guy. And then the right place in the in the draft, you would have to at least listen to that. But he loved it. But but but I will say this. I don't see anybody. They're not anxious to trade him. I just remember when he signed we sat right up there on that balcony, and we were talking about he had his post-signing press conference during the white near giants polo, which hammer that exactly. Going. New this out. This sounds great. You know what? Here's here's the thing. Also, even though they're going to be transitioning away from ally in another year. Why wouldn't you want a young player and his prime at wide receiver? Australian the new quarterback too. So what I'm saying Moore does this this? I understand you will listen, but it would be a very quick conversation. For me if I was committed to it. I just like that sounds great. But you understand what we're trying to do here. We're not trying to give away a good players. I I hear you couldn't be quilt. Let's talk about news. It has happened. That's congestion. Moore's Joma league Jackson. Yes. Me Jackson so reported earlier today that he is expected to go to the Philadelphia Eagles. This is guy that has been known being run stop in his career coming from the Broncos going to the Jaguars and now actually trying to boost the defensive line of NFC east team that was second quarterback pressures at one ninety five. All right, Mr. Moore. How about Jason Peterson listening? Here's a guy who we believe is destined for the hall of fame. One day was he gonna play one more year while the answer's yes. Now the eagles announced it signed him to a one year contract for this year. So listen, he he's. Spend a little bit more time on the sidelines and he's getting up there in age, but he's still valuable to them especially to help with Carson Wentz. How about quad Alexander? He is planning to be signed going signing with the San Francisco forty Niners where their general manager is formed buccaneer..

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