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Minutes past the hour. The John Kincaid show, CBS Sports Radio. This is the John Kincaid Joe The joyous colors of summer are on display a tree, each happy color, captured in a natural gemstone, the iridescent dormer and shimmer of mother of Pearl Whisper softly, Let's go sailing in the calm waters of the Caribbean shine from natural turquoise topaz comes in every color of an ocean sunset and an ethicist glows like tropical flowers. I'll light is the violet blue of a summer storm over the Sea of Galilee Trayvon company at 1 50 post and in the Stanford shopping center. It's been a really rollercoaster tonight. Here in Angela's Kitchen, saucy Gold just took the lead. But Blue Plate and Cale Green aren't far behind. This red tomato has just overtaken Cale Green and is in position to pass plate quiting time because we have a winner as W 63 17 Santigold. Ask Sherwin Williams and bring home the color of your team Spirit. Visit your neighborhood. Sherwin Williams store today on Ly Wendy's two for five has all the Chicken Ukraine choose from crispy homestyle chicken sandwich, Delicious, spicy chicken sandwich, classic crispy piece nuggets or the legendary spicy in peace. But let's be real. You're gonna get 20 spicy nuts for five bucks. I mean, that's what I would do. Editorial.

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