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But sign to the actual motion you're trying to hit the reporter opportunity as lahser talking to moji let's talk about emoji pocket ellipse on bonham bump bomb for summaries of afternoon tickets to that seems to be rejecting games with emojis in them with the one word reject one line rejection your app and apps met admitted that include apple emoji which creates a misleading association with apple products on the other fixed this is moji may can't you have to make your own emoji if you're going to it there has been these rules are so they're they're completely separate divisions within apple that do a lot of these things and the i think the the the hair they were splitting is that if you used apple emoji in your heart then you are violating apples copyright uh that if like your displaying on a keyboard but you're actually using apple's emoji to advertise your product that was a violation of off his comment on those pacific him yeah you should if you're gonna here's a you know if you're going to have a crying face in your game you should use your own damn crying face instead of you russia's that but if you have in the app store and you have like a lucky if you're showing off the emojis part of your eyebrow forget what the what the details were and sometimes was being and forest alike always and saddam's a wasn't being your worst which is now our friend gerald third choose a regular here he's with the unit code committee for emoji said it seems reasonable to me that apple would want some level of control over emoji use in the app store.

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