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Because he's you he seen here admiring gun for the legacy that he left behind right nah one had in three hundred years has forgotten aegon because of the things he didn't thailand wants to be that he admires him wrote yeah legacy super important for thai yes did narino it his dinner the dynasty he wants to form for his legacy we go renaissance who thanks to hound for saving her and he doesn't so much accept the apology as tried to intimidate her and call her father a liar not not grade with accepting apologies and uh what's that is is he embarrassed at his concert like the the concern for our for sanza is he like because because when he said at the end is like you know you think i'm this remorseless killer you'll be glad of that win i'm all that stands between you and your beloved king is he already looking to the future and be like man this is going to be like all kinds of ugly and i kinda got a harden my heart a little bit or i'm not gonna be able to do this job what what's the i mean the i read it as definitely keeping her at arms length and four for whatever reason you know he does i think if he weren't the hound if he weren't scarred emotionally as much as he is physically he probably would warm up to her a bit more but he doesn't see allies anywhere in the city and he just one allies wants to he you know he wants isolation he wants to be the hound yeah so he's trying to push her way gently i think i also think that he says the isayas it's a joy to kill it it's the sweetest thing there is but i also think that where the way he dispatched those other guys was a little bit more personal because then trying to like rate this innocent girl is deeply offensive to what sand door like the the code he holds and do himself it's him but the did ride down the butchers boy and pretty much coldblood on i'm trying to think is like.

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