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Debbie with this triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three again yesterday. An fbi official said that there were no shots fired at the mob. You know the whole january sixth straight. Yeah no shots fired. No firearms recovered in the capital riot. Isn't that weird shots fired. Well by the he's talking about something. Other than the armed insurrection. The well is on. The sixth is a she. Jill sanborn knowledge. We have not recovered any firearms on that day. From any of the arrests at the scene at this point no one has been charged with firearms violation again. This was the worst armed insurrection in the history of the world The armed insurrectionists forgot their arms. What happened there what are you stupid. And the answer's yes. Yes yes hey dude. Where's your gun man i. I didn't bring a gun. I i thought you brought a gun. So it's like the homer simpson rebellion they. Nobody knows what to insurrection is. A continually do nonstop is just the dumbest thing. One of the things i've ever seen. It took a podium. They all right. Yeah then the they were. Somebody was interviewing the shaman guy with the and it's just amazing the mindset of the people who were there they were not trying to kill anybody or the the were not going to drag people out and hang them. They wouldn't have literally hung mike pence. No there's just no way. Had they come across him the yelled out in. Yeah they were chanted something you know but they would not have strung up mike pence. Would you go do something for trump and by the way March four th. Which was yesterday. The capitol building was supposed to have been a under attack and in fact. The house canceled their session. So frayed and al green representative al green stood outside waiting for q to show the all gull clara and nobody did okay. But you know what if they want to waste time and waste legislative dates. Yes that's that's cool. That's cool but you know whenever like bloodthirsty islamic terrorists whenever they attacked. They always are sure to wave at the camera as they're walking out of the building that they just terrorize. 'cause it's the same thing same deal. Absolutely she's a triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three three also would pat unleashed on twitter. Let's go to jack in texas. Hey jack you're on the place. Hey guys stay jeffey The hunt hines thing What the hell is wrong with you. you're from texas. Where's that water burgers spicy. Oh yeah no water burr. I'm sorry. I'm anti water burger. Yeah no no. I know i know all you people from texas to get mad at me. And they don't like me and in place but it is the most overrated place in the world and and perhaps it's maybe it's because i come from another place on the planet that has better food. And what a burger but Okay so you're talking about the sauces. Is that right. Yeah jack just catch up just to spicy ketchup. Is it hans. Or is it hines that the spice up their own blend. So what's your favorite french fry. Jack ma favorite prog would be probably burger king high. So you go into the burger you ask for the spicy ketchup and go to burger king and you have a good day. I mean that's kind of what you do. I mean i'm getting everything from waterberg. Were understand your you live here in texas. What i don't understand is the people on social media. Who say i gotta make a trip to texas so i can have water burger and i'm like what don't bother. What are you what appreciate it. Thanks for the call jack. Water burger is due. I don't get it. I don't either i really don't get the water burger thing i try. I have to have tried to convince me. You gotta give it another chance. So i've gone. And i've eaten and i haven't liked. It is still in the bad. Then they say or just normal fast food. There's nothing exceptional about it. No there's nothing exceptional about it. Either and i believe that it is not just normal Fast food is below. Yes well all right is no. That's a fight. It's a fight with texas. So i don't wanna get out. I just let it go. It's like whatever it's fine you like. Go ahead and go there. I don't care. A lot of people will be squaring up. I know i know there. They all will people this building. I've had fights with them over it. I've i i've okay with the flight. You wanna have a fight okay. i'm with you. i don't get it if you want. An actual texas hamburger joint twisted route Was the actual delicious. Texas hammered hamburger joint that was exceptional. The did do different things. It did taste better. They didn't use quality beef and other out of business Thanks to co at nineteen. I will say that twisted route didn't have the quick You know what a burger drive through or no. They don't actually have to go into the restaurant. Sit down so yeah so i. Guess that disqualifies z. Lows now we have some sensitive water. Burger apologize. I know i know we do You know i know we do. Okay i know. Rob come around the corner. Holidays are your way it's okay. Yeah go to burger. Eat your little hearts and how it's fine It's kind of like the mask thing right. You know trying to get me to wear it. You can't go to whatever going you can. You can love it too right if you wanna bring me a what. A burger say like a mushroom cheeseburger. I'm not eating. I probably won't eat it. But i'll thank you for throw it away. Not when they're looking all right. Laurie d in new mexico. Welcome to the. And thanks for the The gifts. I think you're very welcome though i have to apologize. I need to wish you. belated happy. New year pat no the the story behind the frosty those two good story Wendy's sells every year and it supports an adoption. Because that's that's what that's what. What's his face was big on right. He was adopted and he was always really big on. That's right okay. That's why that is very cool so quite appropriate. Well thank you. And what is a story on these. Can you do it every day is at once a week you can you. Can you can drive through the drive through as many times courteous possible. It's just per order. Wow that's great..

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