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And i can help you. I got six chicken at my disposal that live in my house all females today all legs and stuff like that but i think that'd be awesome and they're both you on sponsor chickens joe plugging one. Do you wanna do the gerbil the chicken or both let's sponsor sponsoring can mean we buy it and we raise it. How much is going to cost us. Well i'll i'll do all six. I think we can afford all six right. I think we can afford all six. Can jackie take care of six chickens question. Oh no daycare. Oh you want sponsored by a seal. I own and also the moon star star. Exactly yes this whole thing is like back shortage. I'd just like yeah but you got the whole time bad decision for you guys. Also like it's a effort not now. It's your job or the director morale. You're supposed to be direct asking us up at the with the way that you're gonna is up as give me a chore. Yes i was talking to any more work in my life for them. What's like now. I'm just like raising in gerbil on six chickens. I hear the voice your six six chickens and a gerbil tell me that i can't be like an internet series called six chickens episode of six. It's amazing i think henry would've loved it. If a dribbles bernal sure six chickens. I mean i feel like this this is kramer industries. Like as far as i can tell this company is nothing more than a solitary man living in an apartment that may or may not contain. That's all that's all. We're doing that. You imagine the rest of our podcast shit in the background did you get into sean. Jackie as a fucking show going on here. Goddamn kids you know. Chickens can fly. For like two seconds jackie's chasing them glide through the air feathers are going everywhere gerbil. Getting attacked by the chickens morales never been higher. They're all pecking him apart. Jay says jackie got put my ass tonight. you know. she's getting weird. You come in get jack chasing around six chickens for the gerbils nowhere to be found. Oh it's kinda waddling after one come to kfc radio and we got a hold team now like six human six chickens and a gerbil. Try and find it. Debbie game everyone sits at a table and you got to keep a straight face and find out which says a gerbil and their ads. Mike is squirming over their brains. Mike look really uncomfortable but that was just one episode. Everyone who works on this show now sitting this fable quietly ebay camille. Join the program. Now you're gonna take off of the chickens brought meal cost on this show. It's brought to you by negotiate. Call us back. We'll call eight zero..

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