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Reality is much more complex than any judgment of right or wrong encourages you to believe. When you really understand the ethical spiritual social, economic and psychological forces that shape individuals you will say that people's choices are not based on a desire to hurt instead in accord with what they know and what world views are viable to them. Much on doing the best I can given what information diver saved and what problems they are facing. Everything that exists everything within all creation. Manifest through the harmonic vibration of light and sound everything that exists is locked sand everything that exists is. At its most basic form simply pure energy and energy is the stuff that drives the universe itself. All things created from this energy. If you really get dance look reality on a quantum level, it's all about different vibrational frequencies of lot and sound everything. And it's all connected because all is energy. What we experience in the reality that we live in is that everything is connected by energy and the energy permeates everything much like the water permeates everything that exists within the ocean. You see where actually swimming in an ocean to folks it's an ocean of energy. We have quite literally moving through an ocean might've energy that permeates. Everything, and this is why everything is connected Mrs. Why everything is one everything comes from a single source and this is how we are connected and it's how we are also completely separate. Now when you really begin to grasp on this and you really begin to figure out what's going on he and you realize that the body is simply a biological computer that's Dan leading a specific frequency that you experience as yourself, you really begin to question why human. Consciousness is in such a united state. You Begin to say how easy it would actually bay to change reality, and you have to also begin to question how we got into this issue on his side. We only have three percent of deny active with experiencing a very, very small bandwidth to reality and must body shutdown a perennial glands completely inoperative. When you really look at the entire human organism from an energetic perspective, it is something that is virtually inoperative. And the higher senses simply not functioning the connection, the ability to be able to read in. The. Energy Field Arandas is virtually non-existent, and because of this, we are literally experiencing about three percent of reality. She had a car and it was operating two three percent of its capability. If you had a computer that was functioning on three percent of its predecessor of POW, I will to assist three percent of the Internet and use three percent of his graphics. In both cases, you'd consider your machinery to be inoperative, and yet what we have is human consciousness driving vehicle design exactly this same inoperative state, but we'd I realize it's happening because we don't look at reality from the correct perspective. What I'm attempting to convey he is the concept of the Energy Universe and Energy Universe that Russians entirely upon electrical stimulus and it's the space itself that Israel. It's the space that contains all of his energy. What we perceived to be blank empty space. It's not empty all it's four it's full of energy and this energy is the real stuff of the universe and all matter. Is simply divisions in space. It's sections of energy that have coalesced to form Massa based on perception. This information is known very well by many indigenous tribes, and this is why the elite went to such an extraordinary effort in order to wipe out these indigenous tribes because they wished to hide this information and indeed most of what's been done to suppress indigenous cultures and most of. What's been done within modern society through the application of left Brian Education and religious institutions has been to suppress this knowledge to suppress understanding of reality from people because it's a very impairing understanding and having this understanding helps people to think outside of the box and thinking outside the box is what will really fray people from the Matrix today believed to be real. The thing is. What you find is much indigenous cultures still think with the hall Brian They still view reality from by a left and a wrought Brian Perspective whereas most western US papal people that exist within modern. Society Ju to walking on flat ground and Judah Having Square corners everywhere and this this completely unnatural environment that they leaving and through the constant sensory bombardment. The left. Brian gets people. Not even aware that they're only using house they brian. They don't even aware that A. Rod Brian Perspective of reality even exists but I wrote Brian Perspective of reality is what helps you read the Energy Ranji it's what helps you understand the workings of the universe and the workings of reality, and it's what frees you from the Matrix an interesting experiment you can try is to. Rather than fight focus always upon. The matter that exists around you in the objects that exists around you. Try to pay some attention to the spice between the objects that is created by the presence of the object. We perceive it to be irrelevant to divide any attention to the spices between objects. All we see the objects and say we create. A world that is full of these objects but we don experience the real world because of it. We don't experience the energetic stuff that creates all these objects. We only experienced the objects themselves simply due to the perception that we have an perspective we look at things from, and this is a perspective that we've been trained to things from era left Brian Education system and religious systems are very, very good at preventing people from ever making these connections and looking within themselves because our religious institutions are all designed to cause people to put their attention and their expectation upon something, which is external to themselves rather than able looking for salvation from within. and is a big clue in that. There's a big clue to wash such an extraordinary amount of effort and such meticulous attention has been devoted to daytime in order to prevent mankind from Abbott gaining this understanding and from ever looking within themselves because it is within each of us that the answers.

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