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Is a piece by any gas field called lost signals and drifting satellites for violin and the sounds of satellites and short and long radio waves. In this recording feature Jennifer Choi playing the violin. It's from her own self released album by Electrica. Listening on this new sounds program to music inspired by the sights and the sounds of space. Up. Next is a 1986 work by Morton Subotnick and early and continuing pioneer in the field of electronic and computer music, and his piece called Return. A triumph of reason is on an epic 40 plus minute piece will just hear an excerpt of it. That was written to celebrate the return of Halley's comet, and Subotnick took the opportunity to create a piece that Can evoke different time periods. You know the different Ah, different moments in history when that comet has reappeared, and so, you know, the first part ends with a A dance of the dinosaurs, a kind of dance of destruction later on, you get to hear some quotes of baroque music for the reappearance of the comet in the 18th century. This was also a an early example of totally digital computer music again 1986 recording by Morton Subotnick. The piece is called return a triumph of reason. Oh, Ah! Music by Morton Subotnick. The piece is called Return triumph of reason. And it was written in 1985 came out in 1986 on an early computer assisted music system from Yamaha that Subotnick wrote a number of important pieces on This work was written for the return of Halley's comet and Haley's Comet is named after the astronomer who lived in the Baroque period. So the excerpt we just heard included a quote from some of the music of the Baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti. A couple of his keyboard Sonatas get woven into the The Elektronik texture in this portion of the piece, So as it goes along, you know different sounds evoke different periods in history, where the comet has returned. The peace again called return a triumph of reason. On. In addition of new sounds that is looking skyward and, in a moment will return to Terry Riley's piece called Sun Wrings, incorporating sounds given to him by NASA. And the work by Louis VII. Veer conspired by more of those weird upper atmosphere, sound and light phenomena. So stay with us for all of that is we continue with new sounds. In.

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