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You got some money and then you start spending like an idiot that's my biggest that's something i'm looking forward to advising my son on all right let's see what else we got here have i subscribed to the athletes will be the final one we're gonna go full hour seamaster about that have i have you subscribe to the athlete if yes what your level of satisfaction and do you see this as a viable model going forward i've been very happy in terms of saint louis team coverage jeremy rutherford and his freedom to offer his opinions the main reason weakness for me personally as they don't have the same coverage yet for boston teams on the boston college alumnus celtics fan as well that comes from jerry couture i believe is how you pronounce it i hope so i did subscribe it's only like i don't even know to ninety nine or three ninety nine a month i don't know when the last time is that i read it it's probably been a couple of months you know i don't know i mean i'm sure it's plenty of people are happy with for me i don't know you know i don't know i i don't get all excited about it but i i don't know what i get all excited about reading anymore i'll tell you this i miss reading joe straus when it comes to saint louis sports i'll tell you that big time and as we've said and we're fresh off the inaugural joe straus memorial golf tournament set up before say it again i'll continue to say it is a void that just probably can't be filled because he was such a voice of credible descent because all he had done before he was a columnist in his career is baseball writer in this baseball crazy city and so i would look forward to if there was a big game or a big development in saint louis sports getting his perspective oftentimes i agreed with it oftentimes i thought he was completely off base and i wondered if he was just kind of being contrary in for the sake of being contrarian but it made me think i've missed that so and for the record i think the world of of of ben frederickson i think ben frederickson could be wind.

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