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For the Nick Mullen. That's a fact of the day Murph, despite the fact that everybody loves Nick Mullen He got the hook against the Philadelphia Eagles way. I really liked that music like that. If you put Jimmy and I are it's Green Bay, New Orleans and then a bye week does he have to missed three games or three weeks? I don't know. My I R rules after looking good question isn't three weeks so that he could theoretically come back November 29 at the Rams. Would that be nice? Something? Think about alright. Listen, It's unhappy Monday. Yeah, there's some disgruntlement and afloat. I'm rattled. Can I offer you the Giants? Ah, offering Aah! Tender toe. Kevin Gausman. That's my guys again, who haunts me forever Kevin Gausman and had to go by $100 lunch because of Kevin Gausman. Come on down, Kevin Gausman. Alright, we'll parse it. We'll listen to it will get the guest list from copes on the other side. Here we get smurfing back on a Monday after a whipping in Seattle Seahawks 37 9 hours 27 on can be our 1045 and 6 83 sports leader. Thesis is Murph in Mac, hear it on the to nap through your smartphone, Knbr 1045 and 6 80, the sports leader. The Chilton Auto body Traffic death kind of busy start on westbound 80 in Solano County. There's a crash reported right around Dixon that is blocking at least one lane. Several cars involved. The traffic is backed up two Pedrick Road and then West Mount 80 crawling through Malaya. We've had a Rechner magazine street now over on the shoulder, but it's backed up the highway 37. Westbound to 05. But MacArthur and Tracy overturned car off the road way, but the doctors have you backed up to five. It's slowing again, Head up towards the top of the Altamont past north, down one on one of the South face lows in Morgan Heldon again from 2 82 80, where there was a crash on the shoulder. 10 minute barred delay on the Berryessa line due to an equipment issue for backed up to 80 80 metering lights on at the Bay Bridge. Addressing the growing gap for more affordable housing options in communities of color is an urgent need. That's why Bank of America is investing $1 billion to advance racial equality and economic opportunity. I'm Gioia McCarthy, San Francisco he stay market president for Bank of America were working with hope. SM to find homes. People can both love and a Ford It's just one way. My teammates and I are taking action in San Francisco in the East Bay..

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