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Gary non a partial federal government shutdown begins in less than two hours congressional leaders and Representative of the Trump administration or so far unable to come to terms on a funding plan. Thousands of workers will be furloughed or lose pay until the impasse is resolved. Terrible message to the world t Merican people were democrat, Chris coons CBS news. Correspondent Nancy Cortes changing their strategy tonight. No more votes. They're not gonna try to throw different things on the wall and see what sticks. Instead, they are saying there won't be another vote until Republican and democratic leaders and the president come to a spending agreement that they can then hold him to both house and Senate resume work tomorrow. A setback for President Trump. Now that the supreme court has said no to plans by the administration to start forcing a ban on asylum for immigrants who come to the US illegally. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the courts, four more liberal justices in affirming, the ruling out of the ninth circuit that order halted the elimination of the president's policy to automatically deny asylum. People who were skirting official border entry points administration said it was trying to cut down on what it called meritless asylum cases CBS has Bill Rakoff supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, recuperating after undergoing pulmonary lobotomy to cancerous tumors from her left lung taken out, Dr Steven broader record Johns Hopkins University looking ahead to me someone had an adequate amount of pre-operative pulmonary function removing a lobe should not have much impact at all on their quality of life Francis. At a message to Catholic priests says demanding that those who have raped and molested children turn themselves in CBS news correspondent, Barry Petersen. Pope has been criticized for not taking these allegations seriously, in some cases, he referred to them as slander. Now, it seems he's taking them very seriously. There is an issue that occurred in November. When the American conference of bishops got together, they were going to propose some changes, and the pope's data stepped in and said don't do that. Wait until February summit vows that the church will never again hide crimes of priests. It was a week that stock investors would rather forget the Dow Jones industrial and the s&p five hundred fell two percent. Nasdaq down three percent capping off a horrible week. The NASDAQ composite fell down into bear market territory for the first time since the financial crisis. CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger. The Dow dropped four hundred fourteen ending at twenty two four forty five NASDAQ off one hundred ninety five points the s&p down fifty..

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