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A BDG prime manly response the council can't tell his officers to ignore state law councilmember Natasha Harper medicine says the city's enforcement thus far seems selective at times just spend five minutes the ACL fest story yours birthday you don't believe me polls show that the majority of Americans support legalization and I'm certain it will inevitably happen in Texas in the meantime she sees no point in funding tests of marijuana in the city is running on a tighter budget following the state installed tax revenue caps for cities work is under way on one of the largest economic development projects the city a Kyle has ever seen south Korean chemical company E. and F. as broken ground on a forty five million dollar north American headquarters in Kyle economic development director Diana Torres as if the N. F. hit staffing goals outlined in the incentive agreement it will be rewarded with five years of tax rebates beginning at seventy five percent you're one of personal and real property with a descending ten percent rate annually over the five year period within those five years it's estimated Kyle could net nearly six hundred thousand dollars and hundreds of thousands more could go to Hays county and the haze school district that's because more news radio Kelly J. Austin police are on the hunt for a man who is responsible for a string of violent robberies officers believe they have the idea of a suspect but won't release that name just yet Robert has released a security video of the suspect you can find that on our website news radio kale B. J. dot com and finding ample storage for Austin's homeless remains a big challenge a city is looking at the various options including storage.

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