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His new APPs and vodka they were they were the fastest to sell a million cases in any vodka company in the history of the United States and then they came out with the Pink Whitney and that's all even uh-huh yeah like if Donald really is like Kinda special than from year one to two he's GonNa take stupidly it's the best player either of them played with I hope over I'm leaning they're going to get the wins the PELICANS aren't in my mind I mean but again porzingas hadn't stayed players under the Yeah Okay Yeah Courtney Lee Cornelie wow goes to him it also this episode the NBA season preview brought to you by good pals at quip most US quit I have not yet but I've been hearing raving about around this office I guess I what are you waiting for exactly not good I'm not gonna get none good things you're like a weight yeah I just I just gotTa buy some things for myself I haven't bought something for years so quip I think might be my first one thank you should I clicked on three different might even get it for a discounted rate lucere Kenya especially since quips sensitive vibrations with a built in timer gente guide gentle hours read that wrong guide gentle brushing for the dentist recommended two minutes which is great because it really does just buzz and shut off on those two minutes enough they give you three three little buzzes and that just off which I appreciate you that's nice sometimes you just in their brush and you don't know when you said gums raw yeah how and it palisades every thirty seconds to let you know to switch sides which is good get that nice even clean wow that's very nice of them allergy automatically delivers brush heads to you every three months for clean new bristles right on schedule the sleek intuitive design is simple to use and comes with the travel cap that doubles as a Miramonte you can stick that sucker right on your mayor Moshe no more just like putting it in the cabinet wondering where it is getting all men do you sell me yeah I want it so bad I was my old time these thoughtful features make brushing something you actually wanted due twice everyday good habits matter to live a healthier life so help form fresh oral health habits with Quip Quip sets just twenty five bucks and you'll get your first refill free at get quip dot com slash mix tape this is a simple way to support us and start brushing better but you have to go to get you you ip dot com slash mix tape to get your first refill free go right now to get Q. U. IP DOT com slash mixed as time back he's ready to go we are on the last leg of this the Denver Nuggets most tell me what the number is Tommy now doesn't matter are you know why you're GonNa take the over bowl I'm the reason I am the biggest Bobo Fan and he's got the same person listening listen when you're right you're right and the guy shoots three seven nine lorraine I'm a big fan of people when they don't play and still get drafted really high love that Anthony Davis that guy pretty good did he not play table he played a lot bit those guy there owns a well did not play a bit and he got Taupe didn't work where we nuggets bobole fighting mobile's man mobile over no matter what numbers really seventy-five over smashing I have so many nuggets the nuggets are fifty two and a half yeah I like that over auto especially after Tyler said but that's simply too low Murray's win last year to give that up one fifty four last year eh one of the few teams who brought back continuity and I feel like that's going to be massive especially in the early goings of the season especially West the conference where it's like every game yet like a two-game gap might slide you from third to seventh so yeah poor Puerto he looked good he looked so slow man he is but that's the thing like when Jabari everybody I wish to yeah he's jumping up over everybody but left to right talk but they won fifty four.

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