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Shape. Your life go do it. Now they tell you about the stolen the cruise is done. You get a lead you a survey of everybody and and you ask them you know. What was your favorite act? And what was your favorite act that you hadn't heard of before the crews and number one on the list was U That that seriously wounds. That's kind of cool to know that you're appealing to a whole new audience. Yeah and that. And that's the only reason why I wanted to do everything on the boat right. I I went to everything because I wanted to explore. I wanted to be all these new fans and I've gotten many people come up to me at at at shows all of the country that go sign the cruise. That's why we're here. And then they see on the next one and then it's cool I've I've I've got some friends that do and LIKE CRAIG GAS US. He's he's coming back He was telling me that the kiss cruise really becomes like a family. Because he's did the kiss the kiss cruise for like eight or something. He he says like it really becomes like the same people on the boat as an annual meeting for everybody. Yeah I I feel like. That's the that's the Jericho cruise is going to be. It's it's going to be I'm trying to do. Yeah Yeah Hannity and we all get to come in. I'll say this man cruises in the comedian world are like. Oh that's where you go in. Your career is dead really and you can only do cruises like yeah. It's it's SORTA is still like that now not now because there's like theme right so now like I say i Jericho crews everyone's like Oh my God. That sounds amazing. Yeah now you do like the three eleven cruise or my buddy. Chris Puertas the kid rock crews news and a and E. Everyone's like. Oh Gee that sounds like so. I had people a Bruce Jingles. I think you might have contact with eighteen. People contact member ever reuss because he just wanted to do the cruise. Yeah same with Sarah Jonah. I think you mentioned her as well these..

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