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Things that you want to work on his start moving forward in creating that space so the number one thing like i said before in creating your checklist is you have to acknowledge that that exists. That you're gonna have fear you're gonna have self doubt you're gonna have anxiety in give that a time limit explore it understand it. Acknowledge it and then set it aside. Because here's what. I've always said about attempting something you've never done. You're already not doing it. Mythic about that. You're already not doing any of those things. So how can you really consider it a failure. Which is the bigger failure that you never do it and you live with the what if it for me personally that his aunt really drives me to do quite a few things. You know if. I have the opportunity to do of the things they talked about. Whether you got the time to do it is the right thing to do for you at the time but the what if what if you don't you wanna live with that. What if forever that to me is really what drives a lot of things for me but you gotta put all that aside and move forward. You're already doing it. So i guess several other episodes that you can listen to to kinda get your mindset the right way some gonna briefly touch on what they're about so back in episode ten. Why i you really dig into very prime examples of people that you've heard of people that you haven't heard of the have started from not doing any of the things doing now to seeing how wildly successful they are and they will the first people to tell you. They've had many failures along the way and they've gone through all those things they've gone through. Are they good enough. The anxiety level. So you go through. Why not you in just that simple question. Why them why not you. While the simple fact is there are people doing what you want to do. Because they're just doing it. And i know that sounds so duh but that begs the question. Why aren't you doing it. They are a good thing to look at to keep you going is a podcast number eight. The two two word senses that always propel you forward because the thing is when you start a journey were most failure occurs this not in the beginning. How many times have you heard of a friend or a family member. Somebody you know. Just just crazy excited about students. Starting this whole new thing. I'm gonna do this. And i'm gonna do that quite honestly. One of the most annoying type person in the world is somebody tells you that over and over and over how. They're doing this and they're doing that. They're gonna have this great job or they're gonna go to this great place or other all. I'm talking about but they're always talking about getting started. They never duties Well these podcast will talk about two two word sentences that get you to where you need to be so the first two sentences now. What kind of question amnesty statement. I mean you've gotten to a certain place now. What or maybe the complex something will. You can't stay there forever so now. What and the second to toured sentence is when you get stuck after the now. What you kinda can't answer it. Well then ask yourself what if what if the conditions were different. What if i tried this thing. Those two sentences really help you define moving forward of asking yourself will now. Or what s so you can continue to move forward. Lastly a podcast number twelve five disciplines exponential growth really dig into how you can create a process because there's really five key categories that you have to put time and energy into no matter what you're trying to accomplish to get better because they talk about the very first one in a comparative to to the sport of a high school wrestling but it's kinda the same in life where the very first component is strength in. That's not just in the gym or how much you could bench that is. How much can you lift. How much can you do when you think about what stage you want to speak on or what even have to be something like that but what project you can do like. How much can you do. How much of an influence can you make with a group of people. That's a strength discipline. Number two is related to conditioning in strength and conditioning are not the same thing strength is how much can you move. Or how much can you influence. Conditioning is how long can you do it. How can you keep it up. How can you keep going for the long haul. So again like i said most people hope vale is starting something new at the beginning once they get started and they start to dig into something and then they kinda have those self doubts as kelly. Ken blanchard's situational leadership. Were step. one is. You don't know what you don't know you're just happy to be here. You're giddy. you got the job. You're super excited. You're starting this project and then you get into it and you go to face to where you start to know what you don't know and that's when it really digs in on you like wow. I'm a. I'm a fish out of water. I'm out of my league here. So that conditioning. How long can you go. That's what leads to discipline number three about technique about learning how to do something and that is different because that's the if for lack of a better term the technical side. How do you do what you're trying to do. And that's what i'm talking about really studied the masters of what they're actually doing which habit which things should you be doing. How should you be doing it. And that'll be a combination of learning from others and finding a way that suits you and how you do things so now alexei. We're talking about writing. Well if you're a writing style is a certain way you're like to write in the morning or late to write a ton at once or a little bit all lt but learning. It's hectic so you have strength how much you could lift how much you can do how much you influence conditioning. Can you do it before you run out of gas and do give yourself what i call a little mental gas stations along the way to keep you moving and then number three technique of learning the technical side of what you're actually trying to do so for example. When i started this podcast. I had to learn how to record how to edit in how to put it on a hosting site and all of those things that i'm still learning a lot of things because it's not where i want it to be but i don't look at other podcasts. Wish they could be like them. I look at mine is they. Okay how do. I get a little bit better than us. Where the technique comes in number four is kinda wraps up all three together and it's just simply mindset and i say simply mindset not that simple because that's one of the hardest hurdles because as my high school wrestling coach once said the mine always quits before the body. So if you're dedicated enough you probably pass out before you give up. Think about that That's kind of tough advice but the mental game of keeping yourself going of having the mindset had known him doing. I'm going in the right direction. I'm i'm starting to achieve the goals. All those kinds of things. I can keep going. That's keep those three together than once you have those four going forward going the right direction. The last thing you need is number five. The last discipline is community. And that means how do you show up in the communities you serve big about the pilot. Meeting talked about that. I go to once a month where. I am surrounded by much much much better pilots than i could ever be. Well hopefully I'm working on a slowly. But they're they're way ahead of me. But how do i up in that community. Doing be jealous. All of those things do a cower in the corner and say oh. I don't belong here. No you'll learn from it and you grow from it but depending on what you have all kinds of communities to show up for work community you can be part of a church community part of a city government committed. It doesn't matter facebook group who care in whatever community you're involved in but you need community because you're not gonna do stuff by yourself if you're going to accomplish anything will be just you on a stage somewhere if you wanted to influence or whatever abigail. That's the biggest thing about that followers on social media you about that So you need community so you need to work on all five but when you can take those is and break them down into just actionable items. Make that part of your checklist were am i in these these five different blocks and continue to grow as you focus on a process. A lot of that self doubt in anxiety and fear will always be there. But it'll be a lot less than what you'll bring to. The forefront is where you're going so understand that everybody at some point in their life has some form of imposter syndrome and the sooner you learn to deal with it the sooner you learn to set some of that aside in use it as a driver may just do whatever it is. You wanna do the better..

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