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Two complementary devices designed to deliver high resolution images from an orbit of thirty six thousand kilometers the agency says if the tests are successful the next stage would be a space mission it's the first time europe and china have worked together to test and build an instrument current satellite systems are unable to gather the temperature and humidity data needed to accurately monitor storms the tropical cyclones in the northwest pacific known as typhoons pose a serious threat to china and other countries in the region each year former today show anchor and curry isn't surprised that her former coalition khor matt lauer was fired after sexual harassment allegations curry says there was verbal sexual harassment at the nbc show when she worked there curry lost her job after less than two years as lowers coanchor in two thousand twelve she didn't offer any specific examples during an interview on cbs this morning saying she didn't want to cause any more pain lauer was fired in november for an inappropriate relationship with a colleague that began in two thousand fourteen today has been in first place in the morning ratings race since holder copy began subbing for lower the day he was fired it's the longest winning streak for nbc in years a recall of potentially deadly blowfish forced a city of central japan to use it to emergency loudspeaker system four packages have to be recalled after a fifth was discovered to contain the pitches liver the fish notice fuyu is an expensive winter delicacy but requires the licensed to prepare because parts of it or poisonous the goose liver is mostly toxic amband a supermarket agabi gory sold five packages of sorted blowfish beat monday the liver in the package could have contaminated the other beat with the food poison the poison can't be removed by washing or cooking turns out the stored them sullied the liver of a particular kind of blowfish for years saying it's nearly nontoxic the illegal sales surfaced monday when a buyer of one package took it to the health centre with four other packages sold but on account in for the city terms of the emergency loudspeakers normally used for earthquakes and other disasters to get the.

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