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Straight to the point so a lot of flowery language to make you feel better so sometimes you need that to you know this is going on. Stop doing this. And you're like okay cleanse right we'll give you a little perspective right on. Yeah well you should be worried about what you shouldn't but they definitely feel feel bad for lake. I mean just whole industries are a downright for sure. The world's GONNA be different after. Oh Yeah I. It's worse tripping out today because watching. Tv and people were hugging and other early church each other. Now's like Oh they're they're allowed to better because those people already beat it or something. I don't know what you frankly. I think I'm taking a little bit different of an approach because to me it watching the news and how it's affecting people I like to know about it. 'cause I'm not like I don't freak out about as much I think I'm doing a really good job. 'cause I I'm still working so I I work in customer service based industry so I'm still having to deal with people but I'm very like you know we keep the doors close. We don't do anything unnecessary to like. You know. Breach the whole social distancing thing So as of right now I'm feeling pretty good about still doing stuff. It does suck that it's really affecting a lot of other people but I still like to know what's going on with the day to day. I don't go out and seek the news per se like I see something or read it or if I see a clip and I think it has good information I'll go ahead and watch it But yeah I don't necessarily like not WanNa know what's going on or like wait till I have to hear something really really really important. No I'm still working tool and I think that's actually helping a lot. Yeah I just I just be my house just yet. I'm thinking everything I'm still have to like watch. Yeah I'm still had to like change stuff though like like I'm starting to work out. I'm doing yoga in the mornings and stuff to kind of like state. 'cause like it did start affecting me where. I wasn't I didn't feel like I was even getting like normal steps in so I'm like oh I'm not doing much physical activity walking around or doing certain things so for me because I used to work out. do weightlifting into like.

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